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This Ain't a Fairytale


"Sidney, I'm going to miss you so much," I sniffed, hugging him tightly. This would be the first time in years we'd actually be separated. Sure, him being away for road games was technically "separated", but this was different. This time he wouldn't be coming home to come back to class.

"I'm gonna miss you too Leigh," he replied, his face buried in my hair. Sidney was leaving to play in the QMJHL, while I was going back to Cole Harbour after our stints at Shattucks St. Mary's. I'd pleaded and begged my parents to even consider letting me try out for the same team, but they'd both put their feet down. I loved hockey just as much as Sidney did, and I didn't find it fair that we had to be separated for the simple fact that I was a girl and he wasn't.

"Don't you forget about me when you're a famous NHL player Sid," I whispered, closing my eyes tight in an attempt to keep the tears at bay.

"I'll never forget about you Leigh - you're my best friend," he insisted, pulling away to hold me at arm's length. We both stood there for a moment, knowing his words rang true. We'd been friends since the tender age of four, that wasn't about to change now.

"I know, it still sucks though," I acknowledged, finally making him crack a smile.

"I know it does. We'll have to watch Friends over the phone or something - it'll be almost like we're there together," he offered, to which I nodded.

"For sure Sid. You better get going though - I don't want you to miss your plane," I said, trying to paste on a smile for him. He sighed, looking back towards his parents' vehicle where they patiently waited for him, knowing this goodbye would probably be the hardest. His family would get to go visit him, I'd be stuck going to high school in our home town without him.

"They'd just reschedule me for one in a couple of hours," he shrugged it off, as if it were no big deal.

"You are NOT missing your flight because of me!" I insisted, giving him a playful shove. He raised an eyebrow at me, not having moved an inch. I shoved again, and soon we were both laughing and wrestling on my front lawn, for probably a good ten minutes until his father honked the horn, reminding us that they really did have to get going soon.

"Bye Sid," I choked out, the tears coming out full force as he pulled me into a hug, both of us still seated on the grass outside. I felt the hot tears against my neck, and cried harder knowing that Sidney was crying.

"Bye Leigh," he whispered, and after he inconspicuously swiped the tears away from his face he stood up and walked back to the car, getting in the backseat. I saw his solemn wave and returned it, watching their vehicle disappear down the street.
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Aha! So some of you commented that For The First Time would be the great start of a story... and I definitely agreed! But when I sat down to right it a sequel didn't start coming - the prequel did. So here is the start! Let me know what you think!!