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This Ain't a Fairytale

Chapter 6

“I’ll be back soon Sid!” I called as I headed down the stairs. I felt bad, because he had a night off and I was heading out to meet Joshua for dinner. I stumbled down the stairs in my high heels as I put in my last earring, smoothing out my blouse once I got to the bottom, trying to collect myself. I didn’t really date a lot, so I was a bit nervous and excited for this.

“Have fun! Call me if you need anything – and if you need an out, text me and I’ll call you with some kind of excuse for you,” he yelled back from his “man cave” in the basement. I chuckled to myself as I got my clutch, checked that I had my phone, driver’s license and money before grabbing my keys off of the table and shrugging into my blazer.

“Hi! You look amazing,” Josh commented as soon as we were within speaking distance of each other. We’d agreed to meet outside of the restaurant that he’d made reservations at, and I’d been a little shocked when I saw the place – a fairly upscale-looking Italian restaurant downtown.

“Thank you – you’re not too shabby either,” I replied, feeling my cheeks start to heat up already. The waitress came and took us to our table, giving us menus and taking our drink orders.

I’d only asked for a glass of water, and so when she returned with a bottle of wine I was absolutely flabbergasted.

“Well, I figured this would be nice,” Josh blushed slightly, making me giggle. I couldn’t even pronounce the name of the wine, but it sounded expensive – some kind of Italian wine or something like that. He poured my glass before his own, and tasted it to see if it was what he expected. The waiter was standing there, patiently waiting for Josh’s approval of the wine.

“It’s lovely,” I assured him, and we then ordered our meals. Our conversation flowed effortlessly – we even got into talking about childhoods. I heard all about the trouble he and his older brother Michael got into, and their shenanigans. I even felt comfortable enough to share some of the stories about Sidney and I growing up. I learned that he had a secret love of musicals, which I found endearing, because I had the same little secret. I’d never admitted it to anybody, not even Sidney knew about it.

We had similar tastes in music, in movies, we both had similar aspirations: he became a financial accountant to try and help people who had grown up in a situation similar to his as a child; his family had never had tons of money. I wanted to teach to help people realize that they could go wherever they wanted to in life, and we both seemed to really understand each other. It seemed like something out of some Nora Roberts romance novel or something equally as ridiculous – but it was perfect. The rest of the evening seemed to fly by, and when he dropped me off back at Sidney’s place I was on Cloud 9.

“I had a wonderful time tonight Leigh – I really hope we can do this again sometime,” he said as he walked me to the front door. I nodded, pushing a few stray hairs behind my ears.

“I’d really like that,” I replied, and after a moment’s hesitation he began to lean in. The butterflies erupted in my stomach as I felt my eyelids become heavy and close in anticipation. I could feel his breath, warm and soft against my skin, one hand on my hip, the other cupping my cheek…

And then the porch lights came on.

I let out a groan, before looking up to see the bewildered expression on Joshua’s face, moments before we both burst into laughter.

“I thought that only happened in movies,” he admitted, trying to catch his breath.

“Not when my best friend is involved – he’s kind of like a big brother with horrible timing,” I explained, and once both of our laughter calmed down he settled for a hug.

“Well, I’ll talk to you later?” he asked, and when I nodded that beautiful smile was back on his face.

“Goodnight Leigh,” he whispered, quickly pecking my cheek before heading back to his car. I waved, and watched him drive away before walking inside, closing the door behind me and letting out a sigh as I leaned against it.

“Have fun?” Sidney asked, a knowing smirk playing at his lips from where he stood in the hall. I gave him a scowl before the smile was back on my face.

“So much Sidney – he’s amazing. And a gentleman,” I added, referring to his apparent need to interfere. Sidney just shrugged, walking over to me. I couldn't even make myself be mad at him, because I knew he really did have my best interests at heart.

“Hey, I had to made sure he was going to treat you right. It was only the first date after all. But I’m glad you had an awesome time Leigh,” he said as he pulled me in for a hug. I rested my head on Sid’s shoulder, letting a long breath go as I melted against his solid frame.

“It was perfect,” I whispered, and again couldn’t wipe the smile from my lips.
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