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Brave the Storm

Kailyn Kane, the newest member of the Carolina Hurricanes, is just trying to forget any time she spent with the Washington Capitals. Add four Staal brothers to the mix, in particular one captain, and she is in for the trade of her career and the time of her life.

Disclaimer: Firstly I don't have anything against Tanya Staal. I am sure she is wonderful as well as her sons. Truth is I came up with the idea in grade school before I even knew he had a wife. Secondly, I also do not have anything against Mike Green. If we are being honest, I think he is amazing, I just needed a villian and he was my desktop background, my bad... Finally, I do not own the famous people or anything affiliated with them (the teams etc. etc.) and if I unintentionally did so, I did not mean to steal anyone's ideas on purpose.
  1. Chapter 1
    A New Start To What Seems Like Nowhere
  2. Chapter 2
  3. Chapter 3
    Friends Forever
  4. Chapter 4
    Birthday Disaster...
  5. Chapter 5
    Say What?
  6. Chapter 6
    Drunken promises...
  7. Chapter 7
    ...Never Work (Jealousy)
  8. Chapter 8
    You're an Idiot
  9. Chapter 9
    Chris Pine
  10. Chapter 10
    A Little of Everything, I Suppose
  11. Chapter 11
    A Moment in Time
  12. Chapter 12
    For the Last Time
  13. Chapter 13
    The Lucky Number (read the last chapter beause this is the second update of the day)