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My Dad's a Rockstar?

Chapter 1

As Matt sung the lines ‘Tell my baby girl that it's alright. I've sung my last song today’. My mind went straight to my little girl Zara. She would be fifteen now but I haven’t seen her since the day her mother had left me and took Zara with her fourteen years ago. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think of her. She was my little princess, my world, my life.

As we finished the concert in New Jersey the fans screamed wanting more. I love this job. It was my dream to become a rock star and not that I am all I could ask for now is Zara.

We had an interview to do with a girl for a magazine that she was an intern at. I think it was Troubled Angels over in the UK but I’m not to sure.

“Right so Matt you and Val are expecting a little boy soon have you thought about any names for him?” Sophie asked.

“Yeah we’re gonna name him after Jimmy. His name is gonna be Jimmy Michael Sanders” Matt smiled.

“It’s been two years since you guys lost the Rev. how do you think the fans are gonna react when the find out about you’re child and his name?”

“Well I think they will be happy and will love him”

“So does anyone else have any children?”

The guys looked at me and I nodded at them.

“Yeah Zacky does” Brian told her.

“Awesome how old are they?” Alice seamed intrigued about my daughter.

“She would be fifteen now” I told her quietly.

“What’s her name? And what do you mean by would be?”

I looked down suddenly wishing that I hadn’t said anything. “Her name is Zara Valary Baker. Her mother moved when she was one. I haven’t seen her since”

“Oh I’m sorry to hear. Moving on so you’ve just released the album Nightmare. Which song means the most to you and why? Syn you can go first if that’s ok.”

“Yeah that’s fine. I think it would have to be So Far Away not only because I wrote it for Jimmy but because I wrote it for my granddad and they both mean the world to me and I feel that they are still here with me watching over everything I do.”

“Aww. Matt how about you?”

“That would be Buried Alive. Purely because of the sound of it and the lyrics too.”

“Awesome. Johnny?”

“Mmm Save Me just because of way Jimmy said/sang the word skull in it.”

She smiled at him “Yeah it’s amazing. Zack?”

I looked at the guys and they knew what song I would say.

“Danger Line. I wrote it for how I felt about not seeing Zara for nearly fourteen years. Every time we play the song or hear it all I can think about is my baby girl.”

This was the first person other that the guys to know that I wrote it and why, but I feel like its time to share it with more people and hopefully Gena will read it and realize how much it hurts not being able to see my daughter.

“Aww. Wow. Zack do you mind if I ask when the last time you heard from her mother was? If you don’t want to answer it’s alright or if you don’t want this bit to go in the magazine I wont put it in. but its your choice.” She smiled sweetly.

“No it’s alright” I sighed “The last time I spoke to her was the night before she left with Zara. Gena said that they would be going to Italy and for me not to look for them and that they would come back when they were ready. I guess that they aren’t ready to come back or that they are never going to come back.” I looked down “I’m sorry” I got up and left the room. I walked to the bus and sat there looking at the last photo of Zara I had. It was her first Christmas. We were all sat in front of the fire place. Zara on my lap, Gena next to us then Icky and Majesty laid in front of us, I smiled at the memory.