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My Dad's a Rockstar?

Chapter 3

We had been there for a few hours when a girl around 21 came up to us “Hey”

“Hi” We all said looking confused.

“Oh sorry. I’m Alice Summers” why did that name seem familiar?

“Hey I’m Zara Baker and these are my friends, Lilly Harris, Maddie Smith, Jack Richardson, Daniel King, Frankie Nicholls and Rosie Blake” I pointed each of them out as I said their name.

“It’s nice to meet you. I’ve heard your name somewhere but I just can’t think where” I told her.

She smiled “Oh I’ve just come back from America after interviewing Avenged Sevenfold for Troubled Angels so maybe its there you’ve heard my name”

“Yes that’s where. Wait you wrote the interview about Zacky Vengeance having a kid” Frankie said to her,

“Yes, Why?”

“Oh because I would be Zara Valary Baker, Zacky’s kid”

“Oh my God wow. Err I’ll go and leave you with you’re friends”

“You don’t have to go” I smiled at her.



We all sat talking and laughing about random things that came to mind. I found out that Alice was going back to America tomorrow to A7X’s show in New York. So I told her that if she brought her things around to mine that she could stay and we could all leave together. I still didn’t fancy talking to mum. But I guess I will have to before we get to New York. While we would be watching the show mum said she would go out shopping and come back just before the end of it. Whether mum liked it or not she was going back stage with us.

“Mum I’m home” I yelled as we helped Alice with her bags.

“Oh thank God. Where have you been?”

“We went to the beach and that’s where we met Alice. She wrote the article about A7X in Troubled Angles”

“Oh” She looked at Alice “Gena”

“Alice” Alice smiled and shook mum’s hand.

“Oh by the way mum she’s staying tonight the we all can go to the airport together”

“Ok. Night guys”

“Night” We all said together as we all walked into my room.

”Ok so four of us can sleep in the bed the other four will have to sleep on the floor sorry”

“I’ll have the bed if that’s ok” Maddie smiled as she went into my joining bathroom to change in to her pyjamas,

“Yeah sure. I will have the bed too. So Alice, Rosie and Lilly who wants the other two spaces?”

“I’ll sleep on the floor” Rosie smiled.

“You sure?” I asked.

“Yeah” She smiled and went to get changed after Maddie had come out.

We all changed and got in bed or got comfy on the floor.

It was 3am when mum came in and woke us all up.

“Mum it’s too early” I groaned.

She laughed “But we’re going to New York.”


I could tell she was rolling her eyes “And you’re going to see Avenged”

At this point I was up and out of bed “Finally”

I looked around for the others but they weren’t here “They’re downstairs now hurry up or you’re staying here.”

“Ok ok I’m up” I said as I grabbed the first things out of my wardrobe that wasn’t packed and got changed and up a little bit of eyeliner and mascara on before going down to mum and the others. I nicked some of Frankie’s toast knowing he wouldn’t mind.

“You all ready?” Mum said after taking all our bags down to the car.

“Yep” We all said at once running down to the car. I was in the front with mum. While Frankie, Maddie and Lilly behind us and then Jack, Daniel and Rosie. Alice was following us in her black BMW which she said her dad brought her for her 21st birthday. Damn she’s lucky.

The whole ride to the airport was quite and so was the plane journey. We got to New York around 12pm.

We checked in to our hotel. Mum had her own room, Frankie, Jack and Daniel were sharing a room and me, Alice and Lilly were sharing while Maddie and Rosie shared.

Mum had said she was going to go do a little shopping now then when she got back we would go out for dinner then she would either go shopping again or stay at the hotel while me and the others went to the show.

Right now we were all in mine, Alice and Lilly’s room just talking and having fun when Alice asked.

“So Zara you ready to meet your dad?”

“No not at all. It’s weird. Zacky is my favourite and Lilly once said what would you do if you found out that Zacky was your dad. I was like I’d be shocked and not know what to do. But no I guess that I’ll find out”

“Aww” She smiled and hugged me.

“Guys mum’s on her way up here now. So we’re going out to a small Italian restaurant”

“Ok” They said as mum walked in.

“You all ready?”

“Yes” We said as we left the room.
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Gena's car

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