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My Dad's a Rockstar?

Chapter 5

Zacky's POV

After the show I decided to go back to the bus instead of sitting with the others. I needed some space. So I was sat in the back room on the bus thinking about where would Gena be now? How she was? What our daughter looked like now.

My phone went of. I looked over to see Bri had text me.

‘Hey man where are you? Val wants to tell you something’

I didn’t reply to him. I went back to the others and opened the door when I walked in there was Alice again 7 other people and the one person I thought I would never see again. Gena.


“Zack” Was all she said but before she came up and hugged me. I wasn’t sure what to do I hadn’t seen her for fourteen years and now she’s here in New York. I hugged her back before pulling away.

“Where have you been?”

“Italy, France and England”

“Why did you leave?”

“I-” She thought for a while before mumbling “I don’t know”

“You’re gonna go back to where you were before you came to New York aren’t you?”

“That depends on Zara. It’s her choice to do what she wants. If she wants to stay in America we will.”

“Dad?” I looked over Gena’s shoulder and looked at who had said that and smiled a little.

“Zara?” She came over to us and hugged us both.

“Aww” We heard Brian and all looked at him. He shut up and carried on texting who I thought would by Michelle.

“Dad I wanna stay but if I do my friends have to stay” I looked at her then her friends and thought for a while before looking over at the guys then back at Zara.

“It depends on whether their parents will let them stay”

Zara's POV

After dad said those words I was a little hurt because I know what their parents are like but I finally know my dad and I’m with him. I could stay with him and mom but then I could always go back with my mom and friends. But dad would get hurt.

“Ok” I looked at the guys knowing they were all texting their parents.

My dad and uncles soon had to leave and I promised them that I would stay with them while mom went back with my best friends to see if it was ok and if it was then they would start packing their things ready to move with me, mom and dad.
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