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My Dad's a Rockstar?

Chapter 7

Zacky’s POV

I woke up around 2:00am. I smiled at Gena in my arms and carefully got out of the bunk to get a drink. As I walked passed Zara’s bunk I decided to see if she was up. I pulled the curtain back only to find she wasn’t there but there was a note.

‘I’m sorry. I can’t stay here I’m going so don’t bother looking for me’

She ran away.

I went to wake Matt, Brian and Johnny up hoping they could help me.

“Matt?” I shook him.

“What?” He looked at me.

“It’s Zara she ran away”

“Shit” He got up and carefully got out of his bunk and helped me to wake Bri and Johnny.

We were all sat around the table in the front of the bus.

“Zack are you sure she ran away?”

“Yeah” I showed them the note.

“Shit. Where would she be?” Johnny asked.

“I guess she went with Oliver” I said his name with some much venom in my voice I’m positive that the guys heard it.

“Mmm yeah.” Matt agreed with me.

“Zacky baby?” Gena called.

“Out here” She walked to us and sat on my lap.

“What are you all doing up?”

“Just talking”

“Zack?” Matt said.

“Ok. Gena Zara ran away”

“She what?” Now that woke her up.

“She ran away and I think she went with Oliver”

“Shit. I can tell he’s gonna do something to her”

“I know”

We called the police and they said there wasn’t anything they could do for 48 hours.

Zara’s POV

Damn my head feels heavy. I opened my eyes expecting to see the top of my bunk but I was looking at a pale blue ceiling. Where am I? That’s when I remembered what Oliver did. I tried to get up but I couldn’t my body felt really heavy. I tried to move my hand but I couldn’t. I looked only to see that the fucker had handcuffed me to a bed. His I think. I wish I had listened to dad.

“Good morning sweetie” I heard his voice.

“Fuck off”

He slapped me around the face. “Watch your mouth bitch”

I kept my mouth shut scared of what he would do.

“Good little slut” Why was he doing this?

It had been about tow months since I ran away from my dad and everyone. I wish I didn’t do it now but at the time I thought it was right.

“Bitch I’m going out with the guys tonight. Don’t do anything stupid” Oliver shouted up to me. I did my best to stay out of his way. He would hit me if his dinner wasn’t ready or if I did something wrong, he would allow his friends to touch me and maybe sometimes rape me but that was if he was really pissed off with me. Which I guess I’m lucky because that hardly ever happened. It’s only ever happened once. Oliver wouldn’t do things like that but what hurt was that he allowed his friends to do it to me.

I heard the front door slam shut and lock. I knew he didn’t keep any spare keys around.

You see Oliver we smart but as I walked into the bedroom he had left the window open. I was getting my things ready when the door opened and closed.

“Zara?” I heard Zeke one of Oliver’s friends call out. Zeke wasn’t like most of the others who came round. He is sweet, hates what Oliver is doing, and he’s like a brother.

“Yeah” I walked down to his and smiled.

“Hey. I came to help you out”

“Hey. What?”

“You’re getting out of here today” he smiled at me.

“Thank you so much Zeke” I hugged him. I was finally getting out of here.

“You’re welcome Zara. Any idea where you dad and that would be?”

“Well we were staying in Florida for a few weeks when I bumped into Oliver. So they are still here looking for me or they went to Oklahoma. I know Frankie one of my friends number to see where they are.”

“Ok. Here” He gave me his phone.

I rang Frankie and was hoping he would pick up.



“Yeah. Zara?”


“Oh my God. Where are you?”

“I don’t know where I am. All I know is that I’m at Oliver’s. Frankie I fucked up.”

“Ok. Yeah you did”

I smiled “Where are you all?”

“Well we’re in Miami Beach, Florida.”

“Right” I looked at Zeke and told him where they are.

“Zara you’re in Orlando, Florida” Zeke told me.

“Thanks. Frankie I’m in Orlando”

“Right. Do you want me to tell your dad?”

“No I wanna surprise him, mom and my uncles and Auntie Val and Aunt Michelle”

“Ok I’ll see you soon?”

“Yeah. Zeke’s gonna bring me down to you all”


“I’ll explain when I see you”

“Ok. Bye”

“Bye” I gave Zeke his phone back.

“You ready to go now or in a bit?”

“Now. Just let me go get my bag” I ran upstairs and got my bag before going back to Zeke.

“It’ll take around 5 hours to get down there”

“I don’t care how long it takes as long as I’m away from here. I make a mistake not listening to my dad and family. I wish I had they saw something I didn’t”

“Zara don’t think about that now. I’m sure they’ll forgive you”

“Yeah” I got in his car and smiled at him once he got in and started driving down to Miami. He turned the radio on and I guessed he had been listening to Avenged’s self-titled as Afterlife blasted through the car.

He looked at me “You don’t mind this kind of music do you?”

I looked at him “I fucking love it.”

“Good. Have you ever seen them live?”

“Yeah three times” I smiled. I don’t think I’ll tell him who my dad is. I want him to like me for me. I admit it I sort of like him. I mean he’s sweet, caring, he helped me get away from Oliver, and we get on like we’ve known each other for years. I know I said that Oliver was kind and caring but Zeke’s different. I know I can trust him.

“Zara I never asked before but who is your dad? All I know is that he’s in a band”

“Oh his name’s Zacky. Yeah he is”

“Oh right” He started to sing a long to Gunslinger. I couldn’t help but smile at him.

“Zeke how did you get involved with Oliver?”

“Well my brother is friends with him and I tend to hang out with him which also means hanging out with Oliver”


He smiled at me as I yawned.

“Zara, I think you should get some sleep”

“But I’m not tired.” I said as I yawned again.

He laughed softly. I smiled before my eyes got heavy. I soon fell into a disturbed sleep.
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