The Tragic Tale of The Black Parade

The tale of a patient,
One lost and alone.
The tale of a leader
And a memory once known.
Come along on his journey
As the light starts to fade.
Read the tragic tale
of the Black Parade.
  1. The Beginning of The End.
  2. A Razor’s Edge
  3. Childlike Memories
  4. Recognition
  5. Clash
  6. A Lifeless Love, A Loveless Life
  7. The Escape Artist
    The character of the Escape Artist is not mine. Gerard wrote that he's one of the characters the Patient meets, so I decided to use him. Same goes for Mother War.
  8. Three Thousand Cheers...
  9. ...For Sweet Revenge
    Make sure you've read the chapter before this, or it won't make sense.
  10. Unforeseen Circumstances
  11. Asleep or Dead?
    I hate this chapter; I really do.
  12. An Angel With A Death Wish
  13. Epilogue: One Life to Live
    This is the last chapter. I hope some of you will comment on my story, or at least I hope you liked it.