When Doves Cry


~~The girl was persuasive The girl I could not trust The girl was bad The girl was dangerous~~
It was when we reached our fifth year at Hogwarts that things began to change. My relationship with Adrian seemed more strained than before. We still spent plenty of time together, but he was displeased with the company I was keeping. And, of course, my mother hated who my friends were. She detested my being in Gryffindor.
There were other changes too. Whispers of a dark threat seemed to permeate the air, filling all of us with at least a little bit of concern. The Marauders were closer than ever, especially since we had our moonlight escapades and the Marauders Map to help us have fun. The most annoying change change of all, however, was in me. I was suddenly and irritatingly aware of how attractive Sirius was. Damn his good looks.
Although it must be stated that he wasn't the only one who had matured nicely. My dark brown hair was long and wavy, my skin was soft and unblemished, my legs had become suddenly very long and elegant, and my bust was just as impressive as ever. And there were my eyes. My forget-me-not blue eyes with their swirls of molten gold.
Despite all of these changes, things between me and the other Marauders were pretty much normal. James and Sirius made inappropriate jokes, of course, but they meant well. Unfortunately, any time a guy would show his interest in me, he had to pass their test first. And so far, no guy had managed to meet their standard of my perfect boyfriend. It did make me rather annoyed at times.
"What was wrong with him?" I demanded of Sirius and James as I watched a really cute seventh-year Slytherin walk away with his robes mostly charred and still slightly smoking. "He was bloody attractive, and he was actually nice... for a Slytherin."
"Well, there's the fact that he was, in fact, a Slytherin," Sirius said.
"Besides, he couldn't give acceptable answers to all of our questions," James added.
"What questions did you ask him?"
"Oh, just simple things that every guy should be able to answer," Sirius said innocently.
"Yeah, like what his vows will be at your wedding."
"And how many children he plans on having."
"And how skilled he is at fending off sneak attacks from us if we ever catch him putting his dirty hands on our innocent little Dove." James gave me a big, endearing smile.
"You have three seconds to run before I hex you."
They wasted no time in getting up and running, narrowly dodging the curses I threw in their directions.
"He had a tattoo! Do you have any idea how attractive that is??"
"Sorry, Fangs! I don't think he's coming back now!" James called.
"Besides, he's currently lacking a very important feature thanks to a little magic mishap!" Sirius yelled out, laughing hysterically.
"You two did not hex them off, right?!" I chased them, quickly gaining on them because I liked to run.
"No, they're just really tiny now!" James and Sirius collapsed against a wall, laughing too hard to keep running.
I took that opportunity to aim and hex. Immediately, both of them sprouted grotesque green tentacles from all parts of their bodies. "There. Now I forgive you two. Come on, let's get you two to the Hospital Wing."
"You're brilliantly evil," James groaned, slapping a tentacle away as it wiggled towards his face. "Don't let Evans see me like this!"
I laughed and nodded. "I promise."
"Roxi, you are very dangerous," Sirius said. "I think you hexed my jewels into tentacles!"
"Stop interfering with my love life. Now let's see if Madame Pomfrey can fix you guys." I smiled and helped them walk to the Hospital Wing, where Madame Pomfrey was able to put them back to normal.