When Doves Cry


~~Hey hey, you you, I don't like your girlfriend~~
The next few days passed without much interesting happening. James tried to get Lily to like him, Lily continued to ignore him, Sirius continued to woo the pants off of every girl he could, Remus focused on hi studies, and I did a combination of studying with Remus and pranking with James and Sirius.
"Hey, where has Peter been?" I asked one day, realizing I had hardly seen him all week.
"I dunno," James said, frowning. "He's usually right beside us. I haven't really spent time with him since... Tuesday, maybe."
"Neither have I," Sirius agreed.
"It's Saturday. What could he possibly be doing that he wouldn't tell us about?" I asked.
"What could he be doing that doesn't involve us?" Sirius asked.
"He might have friends other than us, you know," Remus said.
James and Sirius gawked at him like he was speaking gibberish.
"Yeah, but wouldn't he tell us about them?" I asked.
Remus shrugged. "He might not if he thought we'd all bother him about who his friends were."
"But why would we do that?" Sirius asked.
"They could be Slytherins," Remus answered.
James and Sirius gasped in shock. "Roxi having Slytherin friends is one thing. She has a Slytherin twin. But Peter? Our Wormtail, betraying us for the ones that hate us? It's not possible!" James was clutching his heart like he thought it might have stopped beating.
"I'll see what I can find out through my Slytherin connections," I said.
"Be safe," James said.
"Don't let them know you're infiltrating their headquarters to bring intel back to us. You might never get out of there," Sirius added.
I rolled my eyes at them and walked off. They were so dramatic sometimes. The good thing about being a Dove, and more specifically, being Adrian's twin, was that the Slytherins accepted my presence in their common room. They didn't exactly like me being there, since I was a Gryffindor notorious for pranking them, and especially because I was friends with James and Sirius, but they tolerated my appearances.
"Severus!" I called out when I was almost to the Slytherin common room, seeing him walking in the same direction.
"Roxi," he said in greeting, slowing his pace so I could catch up. "What brings you to this part of the school?"
"A little spy work, plus I felt like coming to visit you guys."
"Well, I'm touched," he said in a deadpan voice.
I sighed. "You're so cold. Don't you ever smile?"
"Not often."
I gave him a one-armed hug, causing him to grimace. "Cheer up. Things aren't so bad."
"You know nothing of bad, Roxi."
"Hmm," I said noncommittally.
"What exactly is this "spy work" you're doing?"
"Peter's been avoiding us for the past few days. We want to know why."
"And you came to the Slytherin common room because...?"
"Because you guys seem to have an underground source of information, and we left the map upstairs and didn't feel like going to get it."
"What map?"
"So, do you know where Peter's been?"
"Peter Pettigrew?" Regulus Black asked. Severus and I had made it into the common room, and Regulus was sitting in one of the arm chairs nearby.
"Yeah. Have you seen him?"
"You mean he hasn't told his fellow Marauders?"
"Told us what?"
"Peter has a girlfriend."
"What? No way! Peter would have told us that!"
"I was just in the library, and I saw him in there snogging a girl."
"Go see for yourself. He's probably still in there."
I decided to take his advice and see I'd Peter did, in fact, have a girlfriend. I waved in goodbye to Severus and Regulus, telling them to tell Adrian I'd be by later to see him. Then I headed to the library, being extra stealthy once I got there. If I was gonna spy on someone, I would have to be in super spy mode.
I heard some noises behind the shelf dedicated to troll history, so I silently pulled one of the books off the shelf to peak through to the other side. Through my spy hole, I saw Peter sucking the face off of a Hufflepuff fourth year I dimly knew as Marlena Cragstoff. Carefully putting the book back in its place, I hurried to tell James and Sirius what I had discovered.
"A girlfriend?" Sirius asked in surprise when I told them.
"Are you sure?" James asked.
"Well, either that or he's become a cannibal. He was definitely trying to eat her face either way."
"Our little Petey has grown up," James said with a mock teary look.
"At least we taught him well," Sirius added. "He'll be ready to conquer that girl with no problems!"
"You two are disturbing," Remus said.
"I wonder if we should pay little Petey a visit," Sirius said, a devious look suddenly coming into his eyes.
"Oh, I think we should," James agreed, the same look entering his expression.
"Remus," I whispered, "go warn Peter. Don't let them meet his girlfriend. They'll try to seduce her or else make horribly inappropriate jokes to her about sleeping with Peter."
He nodded and set off while James and Sirius were still discussing what they would say to Peter when they got there.
"Where did you say they were snogging?" Sirius asked.
"In the library," I answered, knowing he'd meant where in the library. I was trying to stall to give Remus a chance to get them out of there.
"Where in the library?" James asked.
"Behind a bookshelf, obviously."
"Yes, but which bookshelf? A lot if them are good for snogging," Sirius said.
"How often do you spend your time snogging in the library?" I asked.
He smirked. "Why? Want a little snogging session with me?"
"Hardly," I scoffed. "I'm just surprised you even know where the library is."
"Anyway, which bookshelf were they snogging behind?" Sirius repeated, pretending he hadn't heard my rude remark.
"Er.... I think it was one to do with history on something. Pixies? Elves? I can't remember."
"All right, then come with us and take us to it. You'll be able to remember where it was, right?" James said.
"Yeah, I can do that."
I followed them to the library, hoping Remus had had enough time to get them as far away from it as possible. When we got there, I slowly led them to the shelf containing the history of trolls. They eagerly looked behind it, but it was empty.
"No one's here. Are you sure you saw him?" James asked.
"Yes. He probably stopped snogging and went back to the common room or something."
"Ah, well," Sirius said. "Guess we'll have to find another way to entertain ourselves..." He looked at me and smirked. "You know, this is an excellent spot to snog. And there happen to be two guys and a girl back here. We could make it work."
I smiled at him, pressing him up against the shelf. "Now that you mention it, that does sound like fun."
Both his and James's eyes got huge with shock, and Sirius no longer looked so sure of himself. "Wait, what?"
I smirked and stepped back."Gotcha," I said, turning and sauntering away from them. I walked to the Gryffindor common room, finding Remus and Peter both inside.
"Hey, thanks for the heads up," Peter said to me.
"No problem," I said with a big smile.
"You look very smug," Remus noted.
"Well, while we were in the library looking for Peter, I managed to completely freak out Sirius."
"Oh? And his did you do that?"
"You know how Sirius is always making jokes about me and him snogging? I made him think I would actually go for it. Pressed him up against a book shelf even. Hsu face was brilliant."
As if on cue, James and Sirius walked in through the portrait hole. Sirius still looked a little shell shocked but had mostly composed himself.
They both came over and sat down, and because of how everyone was placed, Sirius had to sit next to me. "Watch," I mouthed to Peter and Remus. "Hey, Siri," I said to Sirius, playfully running my fingers up his arm.
He pulled away. "Stop that. You're freaking me out."
Remus, Peter, and I all started laughing. "See?" I said. "Totally messes with him."
Angry that I had gotten the better of him, Sirius suddenly pushed me down on the couch and laid on top of me. "Don't start this battle with me, Fangs. I will win."
"We'll see about that," I answered.
"Marauders bravery test!" James shouted excitedly. "See who can do the most daring, the most horrible, and the most embarrassing acts."
Sirius immediately sat up, his attention now on James. "What will the test be?" he asked eagerly.
"That test which brings out the true colors of all. Truth or Dare."