When Doves Cry

What A Sight

~~What a sight Never thought I'd find you here~~
As the days passed, things seemed to be good between me and Sirius. We joked around as usual, and there was no dark mood surrounding him. He was even pretty nice to Mason. He didn't go out of his way to make him feel welcome with the Marauders, but whenever Mason was around, he would at least talk to him.
James, Remus, and Peter all accepted Mason's presence without any problems too. Since he was my boyfriend and important to me, they all willingly allowed him to spend time with us. Remus, I think, was glad to have another guy around who actually cared about his grades. It drove him endlessly mad that James and Sirius simply didn't care about school work, and yet they both had top grades in all their classes.
One day, James, Sirius, and Peter, were out planning to drop water balloons filled with bat bogies onto some Slytherins, Mason had a study date with his fellow Ravenclaws, and Remus was studying in the library. I had considered going with the three to drop the balloons, but I had a feeling Severus and Regulus would be victims, and I didn't want to be involved in that. Mason had invited me to study, but I really didn't feel like sitting down for numerous hours, staring at books. I was currently in the library with Remus, but I was super bored, and I'm pretty sure I was driving him insane because I kept sighing.
"Hey, Remus..." I said in a sweet voice, leaning towards him and smiling.
"Whatever it is, no," he said, not looking up from his book.
"You don't even know what I was gonna say!"
"You were probably going to suggest that we go and do something more entertaining. And while that sounds nice for later, I am actually enjoying myself right now. If you're bored, you can go fly around the Quidditch pitch for awhile."
I pouted and leaned back, crossing my arms. "You're no fun."
"I beg to differ. I am simply no fun at this particular moment."
"Well, this particular moment is boring me to death."
"Thankfully, you can just come back as another loud, energetic girl and be entertained then." He looked up at me and smirked. Remus Lupin, sweet little Moony, smirked at me! Like a devil!
"You, sir, are a jerk," I said.
"Blame it on me spending too much time with Sirius and James," he said.
"I'm blaming it on you being a jerk."
He smiled but did not answer, once again interested in his book. I groaned and flopped my head back, staring up at the ceiling. An idea suddenly came to me and I sat up again.
"Hey, Moony, you're a Prefect..."
"It's dragon scale," he said with a sigh, already knowing where I was heading with that sentence. "Try not to let anyone catch you."
I grinned at him. "Thanks!" The Prefects bathroom was amazing, with a huge tub and lots of countless faucets. But you had to either be a Prefect, a Quidditch captain, or a Head Boy or Girl to be able to use it. Unless you knew the password, which Remus had just given me. Having connections was great.
I merrily made my way to the common room to grab all of my necessary bathing items, and then I was off to the Prefects bathroom. I hoped no one would be using it, since I technically wasn't allowed in there. But I was in luck! Not only was the bathroom empty, so was the corridor leading up to it.
I eagerly filled up the swimming pool-sized bathtub with lots of hot water, bubbles, and foam in all different colors. This was going to be a luxurious bath. Once the tub was full of water, I stripped out of my clothes, placed them and my towel a safe distance away from the tub so I wouldn't run the risk of splashing them, and got in. The water was perfect, hot but not scorching, and the bubbles and foam made it look pretty and smell nice.
I spent awhile just enjoying the water and bubbles, being silly and getting foam all over myself, before I actually started to clean myself. After all, I was in no rush. Everyone seemed to have things to do today, and the bath felt so nice.
Eventually, though, I did get down to business and started to shampoo my hair, lathering it until my whole head was covered in pomegranate-scented foam. I was addicted to pomegranate scents. It was a bit difficult to rinse my hair, since I had so much foam and bubbles, but I managed to make it work. I put in my pomegranate conditioner next, loving its smell. Thankfully, my skin was smooth and hairless from bathing yesterday, so that was one task I didn't have to deal with.
After letting the conditioner sit for about ten minutes longer than the bottle instructed me to, I ducked under water, running my hands through my hair to help rinse it out. I stayed down as long as possible, but eventually I had to surface for air. When I did, I was very, very glad I had been pushing my hair out of my face, because it meant my arms were in front of my chest. Standing in the entrance to the bathroom was none other than Sirius Black.
I immediately bent down so the foam was up to my chin. Thankfully, it kept him from being able to see what was in the water. His eyes were huge, and he seemed frozen to the floor by shock. Gradually, the skin in his face turned a rosy pink shade, which I'm sure was only a few shades lighter than my own.
"Sorry," he finally gasped out, turning around quickly. "Those Slytherins are pretty good at sending objects flying back at people, so James and I both got covered in bat bogies. James is using the shower in our dorm, so I thought I'd come and use this bathroom. I didn't know you were in here."
"It's okay," I said awkwardly. "But, can you get out so I can get dressed?"
"Right, yeah," he said, moving hurriedly to the door. He opened it, but closed it again almost immediately. "Bollocks. McGonagall's out there, and it sound like she's tearing into some poor bloke. It might be a few minutes."
A few more seconds in this awkward atmosphere was probably going to kill me, let alone a few more minutes. "All right, well, just keep your back turned!"
He nodded, his back determinedly pointed in my direction, and even went so far as to press his face into the door so it took up his whole line of view. I bit my lip, hating the thought of getting out of the tub and being totally exposed, but also hating the thought of staying in it until he could leave. Finally, I decided to just get out. Sirius wasn't looking, so I could move quickly and be gone from this mortifying moment.
I hastily pulled myself out of the tub and moved over to my clothes, not even bothering to towel off before putting them back on. Every second I wasted trying to cover myself seemed like an eternity, and eternity filled with mortification. With a sigh of relief, I was fully clothed again. And I was wearing a dark blue shirt, which meant I didn't have to worry about it going see-through from my wet skin and hair.
"Okay, I'm dressed," I said. I used my wand to dry my hair quickly, staring at the floor as I did.
"Right, good," Sirius said, turning back around to face me. We both avoided looking each other straight in the face, both choosing to pick a spot off to the side instead.
"Well," I said, "I should be going. I'll, uh, see you later."
"Yeah," he said, staring pointedly at the far wall.
I listened at the door to see if McGonagall was still out there. I could just barely hear the sound of retreating footsteps, and then silence. Without waiting to do a more thorough check, I left the bathroom, not once looking back at Sirius. I walked quickly to the Gryffindor common room, sure my face was still flaming with embarrassment. I made my way to the boys' dorm, throwing myself onto James's bed face first.
"What happened to you?" James asked. "You look like you've just seen Snivellus naked."
"Actually," I said.
"Bloody hell! Did you?" He looked aghast.
"No, but Sirius might have just seen me naked."
"What?? What do you mean, he might have? Did he or didn't he? And how on earth did he manage to do something so horrendous?"
"I was in the Prefects bathroom, using the bath there, and he walked in. He didn't know I was in there."
"And did he see anything?"
"I don't know! I don't think so. I had a ton of foam, so he couldn't see anything below my waist, and I think my arms were effectively covering up my chest area, but I don't know when he walked in, or what all he was able to see!" I buried my face in the pillows.
"Well, this is Sirius we're talking about here. If he did see anything, he'll probably brag about it to me. And then I'll kick his ass for bragging about seeing my little sister naked, but at least we'll know for sure."
I glanced up at James from the pillows and smiled a little. "Thanks. But I'm not sure if he will brag. He looked pretty shell shocked. He even blushed."
"What? Padfoot blushed? I've never heard of such a phenomenon occurring."
"I know. I think it was genuinely awkward for him. It definitely was for me."
James laid down beside me and put his arm on my shoulders. "Don't worry, you two can just pretend like it never happened. Everything will go back to normal eventually."
"I hope so," I groaned, once again pressing my face into the pillows.