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I love him, I hate him

I wish he would notice me. I wish I existed in his life. It's been 3 years since I started crushing on him. But I think it's love. Carter Corthswells is every girl's dream boat. I only wish that he could be mine. But there's only problem. He has a twin. Aayden Corthswells, he's identical twin brother. He's the exact opposite of him. I despise him. No, I hate him. Everything about him, except his appearance because he kind of looks like the love of my life.
  1. Believe in Magic?
    'You're 17 and you haven't kissed anyone?' he laughed. 'Shut up! Unlike you, I like to keep my first kiss for the right guy. Unforntunately, it was wasted,' I said defensively. 'Right. Not bad for a first timer,' he smirked. I felt like slapping hi
  2. Freeloader
    'Yes. You kiss me and harass me. I know it all doesn't mean anything to you. I don't want to be played Aayden,' I said.
  3. Bet on it
    'Ah~ Aayden~' he tried imitating my moan. 'Would you quit? You've been going on about that since the last two days. And I DO NOT sound like that!' I glared. 'In my mind you do,' he smirked. 'Pervert,' I muttered.
  4. In love yet?
    'Aayden!!' I screamed. 'Hey, you alright?' Aayden tapped my shoulder. Breathing heavily, I touched my face and looked at him. 'Huh... It was just a bad dream,' I closed my eyes and sighed in relief. 'What'd you dreamt?' he asked as he passed me a
  5. Total Shocker
    'OH. It's all about Carter isn't it? He just wants to get in your pants do you know that? Now suddenly you don't need me anymore?' he asked looking into my eyes. What was he talking about? All I said wanted was him to not overreact and he's getting
  6. Carter My Hero
    ‘That. Was. Hot,’ he manage to say as he smiled. He laid down beside me. ‘You’ve… realize…’ve lost right?’ I was talking about our bet. I was out of breath. The kiss was too intense. ‘I don’t care. Lysha.. I really.. like.. you,’ he lo
  7. Wish Unwished
    'Aayden what do I have to do to get you to get lost?' I sighed. He pouted. 'How mean,' he said. 'Well, you could give me a chance,' he said. 'To what?' I asked. 'To make you fall in love with me,' he said. 'I believe we already played that game
  8. Just Strangers or Just Friends?
    'So anyway, you must be wondering why I asked you out suddenly huh?' he asked. I smiled. 'No kidding,' I laughed quietly. 'Well, I heard about that note rumor thing. I thought that was kinda funny. People though, were talking pretty mean things abo
  9. Oops we did it again -.-
    'Aayden. Move. I'm late for class.' 'Not until you tell me your answer, I've been waiting for a week now.' 'Go away. I'm not in the mood,' I said. He leaned in closer. 'I don't get you. When I kiss you, you tell me you like it. When I ask you abou
  10. L.O.S.T
    I stood nearer to the edge. Scary as it seems, it's even more beautiful. 'Wha- Are you crying?' Aayden suddenly appeared beside me. I wiped my little tears. 'No, I got something in my eye,' I said softly. He shook his head as he laughed. 'Oldest
  11. Finally falling
    'Maybe we're fated for each other,' he gave me a quick a peck on the lips. 'Soulmates huh?' I laughed. I smiled sweetly at him. 'Are you being sarcastic?' he pouted. 'No. I'm dead serious,' I smirked.