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Asher pressed his fingers into her neck, his fingers curling over softly to clench. Her breath hitched and a small choke was locked there. It was a sound that fascinated him in a way. Her head tipped back against the wall as both of her hands gripped his wrist, her mouth hanging open. Asher's head tipped against the wall as he looked down into her eyes. They were a cherry wood brown, cloudy from thought. "Speak up."

Kade's fingers pushed bruises into his wrist as she tried to pull his hand away. His fingers only locked more around the base of the girl's throat, proving to be his protest as his black hair pressed against his cheek, his shadowy eyes dancing over her limited features. Kade pushed a choked breath through her already parted lips as her eyes searched over the vacant expression of Asher's face. "I said speak."

"Asher." her voice whispered slowly, her eyes rolling back for a moment as his thumb pushed into the pressure point under her jaw. Her throat closing and tightening simultaneously as her nails ripped against his skin, dark red streak lines were all that was left.

That wicked smile he worse so fashionably resurfaced, curling his lips up as she watched the slow movement drag out. "Yes?"

Her head turned toward his, her breathing was short of a wheeze and her thumbnail, sharp with a small amount of dragged-away skin stuck beneath it, pushed into the vein of his wrist, willing him to release her. He gripped tighter and her eyes closed for half a second before opening back up to him. She trembled as her response.