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Stuck in the Middle

What happens when Escape the Fate & Falling in Reverse are both playing Uproar Festival? Ronnie Radke's little sister Ashley Radke was asked to photograph all the bands on tour and Ronnie is having a hard time letting her go anywhere near his old band mates. He can't stand that Ashley doesn't harbor any resentment towards them. He hates the fact that she can just pretend that the whole rift between the two bands does not exist. Most of all he hates the fact that she is close to both Max and Craig; the two people in his eyes who hurt him the most. Ronnie ends up crushing on Escape the Fates cute young merch girl Emily. What happens when Criag Mabbitt catches Ronnie flirting with his younger sister Emily? Craig thinks Ronnie is just flirting with Emily to get back at him for being friends with Ashley. He thinks that Ronnie is just going to hurt Emily knowing that it would hurt him as well to see his sister heartbroken.What happens when Ashley falls for Max? Will she help him defeat his demons, or will he bring her down with him? Will they make it through the tour with out killing each other?
  1. Footie Pajamas
    “There’s a chipmunk on the bus?”
  2. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer
    Craig and Emily pov
  3. Not the American Average
    “Just leave, and while you’re gone go ahead and do everyone a favor slit your ***ing wrist.”
  4. Trust is a two way street
  5. Super Glue
    "I guess you could say I'm stuck on you."
  6. Rebeling against you
    Roar no, there’s still so much we didn’t do together...
  7. Date
    Important A/N Please read
  8. One drink too many
    “I’m not as think as you drunk I am.”
  9. Bonding time
    Emily P.O.V
  10. Full moon
    No Ronnie we weren’t supposed to have a full moon tonight...
  11. I'm sorry isn't good enough
    “Yea at least he didn’t say you smell like a week old jock strap that a bum used to wipe his ass.”
  12. “That’s exactly why I call you that… you’re an oxy-MORON!"
    “Well what do you want her to say? That they bumped uglies?”