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Ouija Board

My Highschool Life

I walked happily to school, only thinking of how much of a great time we're gonna have. I walked into the building and spotted my best friend, Adrianna. I knocked on her locker.

"Well ello madame how are you doing?" I asked in my British voice. She smiled when she saw me.

"Oh I'm absolutely marvelous and you?"she asked, we smiled at each other for a second, then burst out laughing.

"Hey somethings different, you aren't tired, whats up?"she said, she looked into her locker and took out a brush.

"Well I found something," I said, she looked at me curious.

"And what may that be?" she asked, curiously brushing her blonde hair.

"Ouija board," I said, her eyes widen.

"Are you crazy! You shouldn't have that!" she half yelled, I rolled my eyes.

"Calm down Adri, were just gonna try it out," I said, she looked at me like I was crazy.

"We? You mean you," she said, I raised my eyebrow.

"Come on! Weren't you the one who said it was all fake?" I asked, she looked down.

"It is," she said unsure. I pulled her hand down.

"Then come on!" she looked back up at me and smiled.

"Fine, my house, Halloween night, invite the usual. My parents are out on a business trip AGAIN." I smiled brightly.

"Yea, totally,and how long is it this time?" I asked, her parents are always gone. They sometimes leave for a week sometimes a couple days. I saw a boy with light brown hair walking toward us. He looked like he was about to scare the shit out of Adri but of course I'm awesome so I'm going to blow his cover.

"Oh Hey Justin!" I yelled and waved.

"Dude! You blew my cover I was gonna scare her!" He yelled at me, Adrianna looked at him then back at me.

"Thank You Elly, because if you didn't he wouldn't be alive right now," she said, and raised her eyebrow at him. He smiled sheepishly and wrapped his arms around her waist, she wrapped her arms around his neck,and they kissed. I looked away, I always felt uncomfortable when they were together, also it made me sad. I once too had a boyfriend, I loved him, I thought he loved me.

"Hey sistas! and brothas!" I heard a familiar voice yell, I smiled.

"Hey Sammy!" I said,and looked up at her, and there she was with her boyfriend. Uggghh!

"Hey Greyson," I said, he smiled.

"Hey Liz," he said,and smiled at me a heart warming smile. Sammy is lucky, Adrianna is lucky. Why don't I have a boyfriend, then I caught sight of him. In the corner of my eye, I saw him staring at me, Adam.

"Hey Elly you okay?" Justin asked me, knowing what was bothering me. Justin and Adam use to be best friends until Adam broke my heart, Justin couldn't even look at him after that. Justin is my cousin ,and is very protective over me. I guess it's kinda weird your cousin is dating your best friend, but I've known Adrianna has liked him ever since the sixth grade, when she met me.

"Yea I'm fine," I said and wrapped my arms around myself, then I felt two hands on mine, they picked me up and spun me around. I turned around to see who it was,and it was the same person as always, Dahvie.

"Surprise!" he said, boy was I glad to see him.

"Hey Davhie," I said and looked to sneak a peek to see if Adam was still there, he wasn't. I looked back at Dahvie and smiled.

"Okay guys, Elly here has convinced me to do something extremely stupid," Adrianna said, I looked at her then saw another one of my best friends walking over to us, Valentina.

"Hey peoplz," she said, with a smile on her face, her curly dark brown hair as big as always, her tan skin shining in the sunlight,and her brown eyes always excited for everything. Well maybe because she has a boyfriend! Logan.

"Valy good you're here I won't have to repeat myself," Adrianna said, "Elly found a board game,and wants to play with us on Halloween,"Adrianna said, raising her eybrow at me.

"What board game?" Dahvie asked, Adrianna answered quickly.

"Ouija board,"she said, everyone went silent.

"Well what do you say?" I asked, they looked at me ,and Valentina went crazy.

"What? Girl you are crazy! Why would you even want to play that? It's suicidal!"she yelled, a pair of blue eyes caught my eyes, and of course, Logan.

"Okay,Whats wrong now?" he asked.

"Well Valentina here is too scared to play the Ouija game," I said, he smiled brightly.

"I wanna play!" he yelled, Valentina slapped his shoulder.

"Look you guys, Haven't you ever thought for a second maybe it isn't real,or maybe it is?" I asked, they all nodded.

"Well now's our chance to find out," I said, they looked at each other.

"Okay,but lets make a plan,"Greyson said, I smiled at him.

"Okay! Umm can we meet at 10:00 pm, Halloween night?" I asked, they nodded.

"Yea," they all said.

"My parents are out of town soo, we can do whatever we want,"Adri smirked.

"Hehe this is gonna be good," I said.The bell rung and we were off to class.Luckily I had class with Dahvie. His scene hair big as ever with crazy streaks of different colors.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked, I looked at him for a second.

"Positive, the curiosity is eating me alive," I said, he nodded and we sat in out usual seats, all the way in the back.

"Come in your costume," I said, he looked at me.

"How do you know I'm even gonna wear one?" he asked.

"I know you Dahvie, you always do at least your face, " I said, and smiled at him.

"True," he said, and smiled back at me.I moved my dark brown bangs from my face, to reveal my dark brown eyes.Nothing special about me really, I'm normal, average looking, nothing special. I was lucky to have that first boyfriend, after that I went suicidal. I tried to hang myself but, Dahvie burst into the room, and saved me. Ever since that day, we have had a special bond between us.We never told anyone not even my best friends, not even my cousin.To them I was just depressed, not suicidal. After a couple of people walking into the class, he walked in, Adam. His cold gray eyes stared at me. I laid my head on Dahvie's shoulder.

"Will he ever go away?" I whispered to him.

"Just one more year of high school and your free," he whispered and kissed my hand. That pissed Adam off. He narrowed his eyes at Dahvie,and ran his fingers through his short brown hair, he took a deep breath and calmed himself.

"Don't worry," he whispered to me. I nodded and looked down at my book, I hadn't noticed I was drawing, but what I was drawing was exactly what I was feeling. A hear broken into pieces and the blood spewing out each piece. Dahvie grabbed the paper and crumbled it.

"Be strong," he said and threw the crumbled paper into the trash.

"Just know you have me, and all your friends there by your side, I nodded and fought back a tear.

"Your a good friend," I told him.

"And you're the best," he said. I was his only best friend. Most guys at school don't accept him because of his looks, good thing Justin, Logan, and Greyson do. He must have felt so lonely before he met me, I could only imagine getting teased like that. To think anyone would hurt a guy like Dahvie. A tear slid down my face.

"Don't cry," he said and wiped my tear away. I noticed that Dahvie had been staring at me this whole time.

"That tear was for you Dahvie," I said and looked into his light brown eyes. He pulled me into a hug. Then class started, we had to do soo much work at least that kept me busy.After that was lunch, we both walked to lunch, quietly. I was pulled away by someone. I looked at the person and the blood drained form my body.

"Dahvie," I said, but before I could finish his fist was already flying to Adam's face. Adam released me to touch his face, I ran to Dahvie.

"You're gonna regret that," Adam said,and walked toward us. Dahvie pushed me aside but I got in the middle right on time to be punched in the face by Adam. I fell on my knees touching my cheek.

"Damn it! Why would you do that!?" Adam yelled, I looked up at him.

"Because I don't want Dahvie hurt," I said, Dahvie was knelt down next to me.

"I'll get you back," Dahvie growled and helped me up.

"Woah what happened?" Samantha said.

"She got in the middle of a fight," Dahvie said not keeping his eyes off me.

"Well lets take her to the clinic,"Samantha said, Dahvie nodded and they both helped me to the clinic.The lady checked me and I was out of there in twenty minutes. I told Dahvie and Samantha to go to lunch without me, I had to literally beg because they wouldn't leave! What good friends. I walked out and walked to the lunch room,which is probably where they are. As I was walking I was thrown against the wall.

"What the hell?!?!?!"I yelled, I saw Adam right in front of me, smiling,with his arms against the wall.

"You like him don't you?" He asked, I looked at him confused.

"Who?" I asked him, He snickered.

"You know who, that scene kid," I looked into his eyes, he was afraid of my answer.

"Dahvie? No we're best friends,I see him as a brother not a boyfriend," I told him.

"Don't lie to me damn it! I've seen the way you look at him," He punched the wall.

"Why do you care!?" I yelled back. He looked down then back up furiously at me.

"Adam don't do anything your gonna-" before I can finish his lips were pressed up against mine. I couldn't help but kiss back his soft lips.Then I realized what I was doing. I pulled away quickly, he looked hurt.

"I'm sorry I can't Adam, y-you cheated on me," I told him, he sighed.

"It was a huge mistake, I want to be with you Elly," he said, and held my hand, my eyes started getting watery.

"I'm sorry," I said, and ran. As I turned the corner I bumped into somebody, we both were knocked onto the ground.

"Hey watch-" he stopped talking once he saw me.

"Elly, what's wrong?" Dahvie asked with concern in his voice. I cried even harder and hugged him.

"Dahvie I'm confused," I told him.

"Liz?" I heard Greyson's voice say, I looked up at him.

"Hey," I told him standing up.

"Whats wrong? Do I go get Samantha?" He asked, I wiped my tears away.

"No need," I told him, the three of us walked to our next class. The rest of the day I did not see Adam, that was a relief, but whats wrong with me? I kissed him?!?!?! Do I still like him? Possibly. I have to get over him! After school, Justin and I walked to our houses, he lives right across from mine.

"So I heard," he said, I looked down.

"Adrianna sure does have a big mouth," I said, He laughs.

"She only told me don't worry,"

"Love is difficult I understand that, but someday you'll find the one,and me being your cousin want someone good for you,Adam is not that someone," I laughed.

"Yea,and thanks for worrying about me,but I'll be fine," I told him, He nodded.

"Yea because you have Dahvie,Greyson,and I to kick any guys ass," He said, I shook my head as if saying 'don't get in trouble idiot'.

"Well,bye," he said, and walked across the street.

"Bye," I replied, I opened the front door of my house,and walked inside. My parents aren't home yet, they are working. I grabbed my laptop and ran upstairs into my room.I logged onto Flockdraw so I can chat with Samantha, Adrianna, and Valentina.


Is Eli here yet? - SamBaaam

I think so - AdriConda

Hello I'm HERE! - 3lly_Cullen

Oh dayum don't have to be so mean - Valy

Sorry - 3lly_Cullen

Okay so what are we gonna do with Adam >:) - AdriConda

NOTHING - 3lly_Cullen

Thats no fun - AdriConda

Look you guys, Don't speak about him okay, I'll deal with it -3lly_Cullen


Yea what Valy said - SamBaaam

Okay,Okay - 3lly_Cullen

So what are you gonna do? - AdriConda

Avoid him - 3lly_Cullen

You can't avoid him forever - SamBaam

I know.... - 3lly_Cullen

Do you like him? - Valy

Sorta - 3lly_Cullen

...........Nina tu esta loca - Valy


I know :( - 3lly_Cullen

Don't go out with him - SamBaam

Wow you sound like my cousin - 3lly_Cullen

Who? My baby or your other cousin Natasha? -AdriConda

Your baby - 3lly_Cullen

^.^ - AdriConda

Adri stop changing the topic!!! - Valy

Sowy - AdriConda

You guys lets talk about this tomorrow.Kay? - 3lly_Cullen

Fine - AdriConda

Mkay - SamBaaam

Bueno baii - 3lly_Cullen

3lly_Cullen has logged off

How am I gonna deal with this Adam problem? Well I can't wait till Halloween.

*Nina tu esta loca is Spanish for girl are you crazy.

*Bueno is Spanish for good.
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