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So Fragile Yet So Devious


He wrestled with the room key for a minute before the door finally unlatched. Being a gentleman, he let her go in first before he walked in. He approached her slowly and they exchanged nervous smiles. Taking her hand in his, he pulled her close to him. Brushing her hair away from the sides of her face, he brought his lips to hers and, just as earlier, her lips parted shyly allowing him access. He began moving his kisses down to her neck. As he did so, he felt her nibble his earlobe. He wasn’t sure how she managed to find his one biggest turn on but she did and he reveled in it. He felt like he could stand there for days and days just kissing her with his tattooed arms curled around her frame. Slowly, he stepped forward guiding her backwards and laying her down on the bed. With her eyes locked with his, she moved her hands to help him remove the soaking wet t-shirt from his body. He smiled a little as he felt his cheeks blush. He was so relaxed and happy with her, a feeling he’d hadn’t experienced in some time. With his guitar-worn fingers he unclasped the buttons on both of their jeans swiftly. Methodically, they began to remove what was left of their clothing while desperately trying to keep their lips locked. Slowly, he moved his hands over her body studying every inch of her with intent. He heard her take a deep breath and glanced upward.

“You’re driving me crazy.” She said with an impish smile and heated breath.

He smirked and continued his ministrations. He sighed when he felt her begin to softly drag her fingernails against his back and shoulders. In reply, he moved his fingertips to massage the inside of her thighs eliciting a moan from her lips. She had her hands over her head on the pillow behind and he reached for them lacing his fingers with her own and bringing her arms down around his back. Kissing her forehead and then her lips, she felt him as he poised himself to slide inside of her. As he pumped himself in and out, she ran her fingertips through the hairs on his chest then settled on his nipple ring tugging it playfully.

“Forget I had that?” He smirked. She nodded innocently before a sweet moan slipped from her mouth. She clenched her legs tighter around his hips causing his eyes to roll backwards almost immediately. As he thrusted himself inside of her, he noticed her face turn flush and her breathing become heavy. When her walls grew tight around him, he knew she was close. In a single movement, he rolled so that he was now on his back with her on top of him. Bending down to graze her mouth against his, she writhed on top of him. He growled as she nipped at his chest and took his pierced nipple in her mouth. With his hands on her hips, he guided her as she bounced on him. Her moans grew louder as they moved closer towards climax.

“Cor, I’m gonna-“ She couldn’t even finish her sentence.

“Come on, baby.” He urged her. “Look at me.”

Her eyes locked with his baby blues as he enveloped his arms tightly around her pulling as close to his chest as he could and slamming inside of her harder. He felt her let go and her body quivered a little as she lay on top of him. His own peak wasn’t far behind and he grunted as he came.

They laid there on the bed still lost in each other; in their eyes; in their bodies. He traced circles on her bare back with his fingertips and she ran her fingers over his chest. When she sat her head up and kissed him on the nose, he thought for sure he could die right then and there and will have been the most content he’d ever been in his life.
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it's sexy corey time! yay! (: oh, and for the record, in case you're not keeping up.....but alex is like.....19 now :) so, theyre all legal and stuffs. <3