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So Fragile Yet So Devious

Just be my Dolly

She had just gotten out of school for the day and emerged from the big double doors ready to go home. She took off toward the sidewalk with her backpack hanging from her shoulders and began the walk home. She’d hadn’t gotten far when heard a car honk. She paid it no attention but honked it again. and again. And again. Finally, she turned her head to see Corey sticking his head out the window of his SUV.

“It’s about time. What does a guy gotta do to get your attention?” He asked laughing.

She rolled her eyes and shook her head, “What are you doing?”

“Just thought I’d see if you wanna grab some cheeseburgers and ice cream before we have to leave to more. Hang out one more time?”

She nodded and ran towards his car so he threw the passenger side door open for her and she hopped inside. He threw the vehicle in drive and headed off to their favorite burgerjoint. When they got there he ordered them a couple double cheeseburgers and some chocolate milkshakes. She couldn’t help but laugh at him as he had trouble coercing his shake to come up through the straw. He gave up and ate some more of his burger.

“So, how was school?” He asked as he chewed and tried again at drinking his shake.

“No comment.” She sighed cramming her burger into her mouth and ripping off a bite.

“You can talk to me ya know. I am your friend.”

“It’s just... I hate it there, Corey. I’m not cool enough to hang out with the popular kids. I’m not athletic enough to play sports. And I’m not pretty enough to be a cheerleader. I’m not enough of anything to anyone.” She confessed to him.

He frowned. He knew exactly what she was going through as he’d gone through the same thing when he was at school. In fact, it was those feelings that drove him further and further away and even lead to him being expelled.

“Listen to me…don’t let that shit bother you. You don’t have to be a popular or a jock or any of that. The only opinion that matters is yours. You don’t have to be anything but yourself. All you gotta do is be my Dolly.”

She smiled as she listened to him. She wasn’t sure how he did it but he could always make her feel better.

“I’ll always be your Dolly, Corey.”

The next day she watched somewhat helplessly as they were loading their stuff onto the busses. It seemed like with every bag they packed on the further away they were already getting. He’d loaded the last of his luggage and turned to see her sitting on the sidewalk resting her chin on her hand.

“I wish you were a non-touring band…” She half way joked with him.

He nodded and a sheepish grin sprawled across his face, “Yeah, but then we wouldn’t be able to find any cool shit to bring back to you.”

That remark made her smile weakly. “If I email you, will you write back?”

“I’ll do my best to try.”

It wasn’t exactly a promise but it was something. She knew he would be super busy as would the other eight guys so answering every email she’d send on every single little whim would be impossible. All she really wanted was someone to talk to.