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So Fragile Yet So Devious


When she went down to the kitchen the next morning to fix herself some breakfast, he was sitting at the table with Mick drinking some coffee. She drug out the eggs, bacon, and bread and started to cook. She hadn’t said anything yet because she still wasn’t entirely awake but she heard her brother mention something about going to guitar center to check out some new gear and a few minutes later he’d left.

“Hungry?” She asked Corey through a fierce yawn.

He snickered at her.”No, I’m all right. Thanks though.”

She clanked the frying pan and toaster around making enough noise that he probably could’ve heard her in the next town over. She cracked some eggs in the skillet and sipped on her orange juice. Finally, she was a bit more alert and able to have a conversation.

“I’m sorry about hitting you…”

He looked over the top of his glasses and the guitar magazine he was reading and smiled a crooked half-smile. “It’s okay. I deserved it.”

She got quiet again and was flipping her eggs in the frying pan, taking them out, then added slices of bacon. When the bacon was finished and the toast popped out of the toaster, she assembled her plate and joined him at the table. He made a quick grab for a piece of bacon off of her plate and crammed it in his mouth.

“Thought you weren’t hungry?”

“I can never turn down bacon.” He raised his shoulders and let them back down. “Whatcha getting into today, Dolly?”

She looked at him with the most curious look on her face. “Why do you call me that?”


“Dolly. Why do you call me that?”

“Geez. I’ve called you that forever and you’re just now wondering why?” He said flipping the page in his magazine.

“Just answer me.” She begged.

“Why? Want me to stop calling you that?”

“No, I just wanna know why you do call me that.”

“You really wanna know?’ She nodded and slammed a fork full of egg in her mouth.”It’s because I thought you looked like a little doll.” She made a weird face causing his eyes to roll. “Have you never seen yourself? You have bright green eyes, long dark hair, and porcelain skin. You look like if a babydoll came to life.”

“That’s really sweet.” She said almost to herself. “Hey, maybe I should give you a nickname…”

He snorted, “God help me.”

“I’d call you Todd….but then the cat would come running too….”

“You are so NOT going to start calling me Todd. That is not happening.”

She cackled. “Ohhhhh I’ve found you’re one true weakness…….”

“Don’t you say it.”

“Corey Todd Taylor.” She spoke his name putting emphasis on the middle and giving him a sideways glance. “Toddy.”

He glared, “I will not answer to that. I refuse. Not happening.”

“Oh, come on. You need a nickname.”

“And the best you can do is my middle name?” He joked.

“Think you can do any better?” She challenged him. He just sat there for a minute trying to think. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.”

“Well, it’s harder than I thought…”

“Faith. What about Faith?” She asked.

“Why Faith? That sounds like a chick’s name..”

“Because we always have faith in each other.” She smiled then munched on her toast. “Yeah, I’m definitely going with Faith.”