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So Fragile Yet So Devious

Wanna go?

The months tickled by rather quickly. The fact that all the guys were home for more than just a few days made her ecstatic. It was just too bad that she had to spend all of her days at school instead of tagging along with them like she did back in the day. It was then that she found out how time flew when you were having a blast. All of a sudden, it was time for them to leave again. It was a time she dreaded anytime they came to visit. They’d just finished their third album and it was about to drop. The nine of them were so pumped because they were sure it would be their biggest album yet. They even let her listen to it and they were right. It was nothing short of incredible. Normally, they would be expected back within twelve to fifteen months but when Corey and Jim decided to make a second Stone Sour album it ended up being even longer before she saw him again. It could’ve been painfully long had he not came home for a couple of weeks before Stone Sour’s tour would begin. Again, he showed up looking completely different from the last time she’d seen him. When he left, he had dyed his dark brown hair various shades of red and purple and black. But now, he had cut his hair just a tad, colored it blonde, and his sideburns were large. But to be fair, she was eighteen now and a far cry from the fifteen-year-old version of her he’d last seen.

She stared at the clock on the wall in the room of her last class for the day. He’d sent her an email letting her know that he was coming in that afternoon. She was impatiently tapping her pen against the desk waiting on the bell to ring. She almost thought about skipping class and meeting him at the airport but she didn’t. When the bell finally sounded, she was the first to fly out of her chair and headed to the student parking lot to retrieve her car. She wondered if he would go straight home or come by her house first so it was a good thing they lived in the same part of town.

She’d just crammed the key into her ignition when her cell phone rang. She suppressed a giggle when she saw that it was Corey’s number or Faith…as she’d programmed his number under.


“Where the hell are you?”

“Uhhh just got in my car. Better question: Where are you?”

“Sitting at your folks house….waiting on you. So hurry.”

“Okay. Okay. Calm down.” She hung her phone up, tossed it to the side, and began to drive. She pulled into her drive way, got out of the car, and was trying to gather her books up from the backseat when he ran up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Surprised, she let out a squeal and he laughed heartily.

“Need help with those books?” She nodded and he relinquished his grip on her and grabbed the stack of books. He studied the titles on them as he carried them in for her. “So, tell me, how much fun is……Microbiology?”

She chortled as she tossed her bag down and took the books from him and tossed those down as well. She turned around to answer him,“Zero.”

“Damn.” He beamed. “Look at you.”

“What?” She asked in a worried tone.

“Nothing….it’s just… look great.” He said almost blushing a little bit.

“You’re not so bad yourself, Faith.”

He reached out and hugged her before they joined her brother, Paul, and their parents downstairs for pizza. With a word, she flopped down between her brother and their bassist and took over the pizza they’d been sharing.

“Hey!” Paul yelped. “We were eating that.”

“Well, now I’m eating it.” She grinned as shoved a slice of cheese pizza in her mouth.

Paul groaned, “See that? That right, there? They you just shoved that in your face? Maybe that’s why you didn’t get asked to prom tomorrow night.”

“Hey man, I didn’t get asked to prom because all the guys know who my brother is.” She said cutting him a glare.

“Good.” Mick nodded as he took a sip of his beer. “Let’s keep it that way for at least….another 20 years….or til I’m dead…whichever works…..”

“You wanna go?” Corey asked her


He laughed, “I’ll take you to your prom if you wanna go….”

“No, it’s…..just some lame dance that’s really just for the popular kids to enjoy…”

“It’s your senior prom, Dolly. You should go. I missed my senior prom and I kind of sort of regret it…”

“Dude, you missed like…..your whole senior year.” Paul pointed out with a laugh.

Corey’s eyes rolled and he turned his attention back to the subject at hand, “This is the only offer I’m making….”

“I don’t even know if I have a dress….” She argued.

“Well, let’s go see.” He grinned goofily and took off up the steps.

“Don’t you go through my closet.” She called. “I mean it.”

“He’s totally gonna go through it….” Paul told her and she took off to her room.

When she got there he’d already pulled a couple things out of her closet. “You do too have dresses.”

“Would you get out of my closet, please?”

“How about this one?” He said holding up a dress with a floral print.

She gave him a defiant stare, “That’s the dress I wore to your wedding when I was 14….”

“Hmm. Yeah, that won’t work.” He tossed it over to the floor and kept scrimmaging. “What about this one?”

He pulled out a bright pink dress with spaghetti straps that she’d bought a few months back. She didn’t say a word so he just kind of held the dress up to her. “Yeah.” He smiled. “Wear this one.”

“You’re going to make me go, aren’t you?”

His bright blue eyes shimmered at her, “I think I have a suit that’ll match. What time’s this thing start tomorrow?”

“You realize that a 33 year old man taking an 18 year old girl to her prom is going to look a little weird.”

He shrugged, “You’re of age….if there’s any questions we’ll refer them to Mick. So, what time’s it start?”

“8 o’clock.” She sighed.

“Cool. I’ll be here around 8:15 to pick you up.”

“But it starts at-“

He cut her off and smirked, “We need to be fashionably late.”

“You’re such a dork.”