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So Fragile Yet So Devious

When'd it happen?

She stared at herself in the mirror as he she got ready unsure about how the dress looked on her, if her makeup looked okay, and how she should wear her hair. She decided rather than wearing her hair straight that she’d take the curling iron and put a few waves through it here and there. Looking down at her phone, she saw that it was 8:15, so she gave herself one more glance and decided that this was about as good as it was going to get. Another thought crossed her mind, too: He said he was going to be there by then and he hadn’t arrived yet. It was ten minutes later before he pulled into the driveway. Mick had come by earlier to see her before she left and she overheard him tell Corey that she was still in her room which was followed by the sound of his footsteps as he ascended the steps. He knocked lightly on the door, “You ready?”

She turned the knob and opened the door for him. “Yeah, I am. Just let me get my phone.”

He was almost speechless. The hot pink dress he’d picked out of her closet the day before set against her tanned skin wonderfully. He noticed the waves of curls she’d put in her hair and how her makeup made her emerald eyes even more vibrant.

“I was starting to think you were standing me up.” She joked as her cheeks blushed a little.

“Huh?” He snapped out of his thoughts. “Oh, no, I had to stop off and get something.”

“Like what?”

“Well, I remembered at the last second that you’re supposed to get your date a corsage.”

“You didn’t have to…”

“Hey, this is my first prom,” he joked. “I wanna make sure I do everything right. So, uhh, let me see your hand…”

Nervously, she held her hand out to him as he produced the corsage made of hot pink roses. He slid the flowers around her wrist and smiled.

“There. You like it?” She nodded her reply and followed him out the door. As they came down the steps, Mick turned around to look at her and he beamed.

“Sis, you look beautiful.” He hugged her tightly. “I feel so fucking old right now.”

“Mick, I can’t breathe.” She gasped under his grip.

“Oh, sorry.” He laughed and let her go. “Have fun.”

The drive was a little quiet. She watched as he maneuvered the vehicle flawlessly as it glided down the streets. It was now that she had a good look at his outfit. He wore an all black suit with a pinktie and pink square in his pocket. She chuckled to herself wondering why on earth he’d have hot pink suit accessories just lying around. He’d also thrown a pinstriped fedora on top of his head letting his blond hair hang down from underneath.

He watched her as she nervously hung back from the rest of the crowd unsure what to do. It was obvious that she was shy around her fellow classmates and he’d never seen that side of her. She’d always been outspoken and bubbly around him. He guessed he better break the ice and get her to loosen up some and have fun.

He grabbed her hand suddenly, “Come on.”

“What are you doing?”

“We haven’t danced yet. And I wanna dance with you.”

“Faith.” She said calling him by his nickname. “I don’t…I can’t dance.”

He had a mischievous grin played across his face. “It’s not hard just come with me.” Begrudgingly, she followed him to the dance floor. “It’s easy. All you gotta do is put your hands around my neck.” She just stood there staring at him with a knot forming in her throat. “Go ahead.”

She reached up and allowed her arms to fall around his neck and hands clasping together in behind. “There ya go.” He nodded before reaching his hands out to close the seemingly mile wide gap between them. He rested one hand on her hip and the other on the small of her back. They began to sway in time with music while he smirked at her. “See? You’re a natural.” As they danced, she grew more comfortable which was a tremendous relief. He made some corny jokes and she just giggled at him.

“You look gorgeous, Dolly.” He complimented her. “I don’t remember if I told you already. But you do.”

“Thanks. You do too.” He laughed a little bit. “I meant…you look handsome.”

He bobbed his head up and down in a nod, “When’d it happen?”

“When’d what happen?”

“When’d you turn into such a beautiful woman?” She just shrugged her shoulders nervously and he chuckled.

As the night drew to a close, they walked tiredly to the car. It was a little chilly out so he took off his blazer and draped it on her shoulders before opening his car door and helping her inside. He took her home where everyone was asleep and walked her to the door.

“Have fun?” He asked thoughtfully.

“Yeah, I did. Thank you for taking me or making me go…..” She snickered. “Whichever you’d call it.”

“Not a problem.” He gave her a quick, final embrace. “I’ll see you tomorrow, all right?” She nodded and he turned to leave.


He turned around to see what she wanted and was greeted with a peck on the cheek. “Thanks again.”