Can't Fight This Feeling

Nyx Kripke was born into the life of hunting, from a young age she traveled with her father as he hunted the monsters that most people thought were bad dreams.

Now she's 23 and finally back at hunting after an 'accident' that ripped away the foundations of her life. It's her first case back, what she thought to be an open and close haunting, but things aren't going as planned. She calls Bobby for help, and he sends it, just not how she planned.

Dean and Sam Winchester. She hadn't seen them since she was 13, since before her father died. The last time she'd seen them she'd screamed that she never wanted to see them again. They never called, never tried to find her, and eventually she gave up hope.

Now they're back in her life. Is it for good? Or will they disappear as quickly as they came?

They're not the same boys she knew back then, but then again she isn't the same girl they knew either. People change, and so do feelings. Can something more come of this chance encounter, or will it really be the end this time?

And will the boys ever find out her secret?