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Forever Kidnapped


I sat in the large dining room, still amazed at how wealthy he really is. I never thought about it, because he didn't seem like the rich type. He was in the kitchen, readying the food for the both of us. Should I plan my escape? Try to run out, far away from this mysterious place. Thinking about it for a moment, I decided against the idea, I'd probably get caught and he'd punish me for my trying to escape. I don't want that, at all.

I heard the closing of cupboards, the clinking of a spoon against glass and his voice. He was speaking to someone, probably on the phone. I removed myself from the seat, tip toeing to the doorway, trying not to make a single sound, so he doesn't know I was eavesdropping. I heard parts of the conversation, it sounded as if he was whispering.

"No Mom, I didn't do anything wrong!" He yelled into the receiver, clearly angry about something his mother had said. He moved hastily around the kitchen, trying to make everything perfect. I watched the way he moved around, graceful and easy. I'd probably trip over my own feet if I was doing what he was. I wasn't the most coordinated person.

"Listen...I have to go!" He got cut off, I heard his mother's loud voice on the other end. I wondered how he could handle such screaming. She didn't sound happy with him, "Mom...I. Have. To. Go." He tried again through clenched teeth. He was annoyed with her, no doubt. I could tell they weren't close whatsoever.

He groaned, exasperated. "Mom! Will you shut up for a moment? Damn. I don't have time for your long horrible lectures right now. I have company, it's rude to ignore your guests. So goodbye." He said, before pressing the "end" button on the phone. He set it down, resting his hands on each side of the counter, trying to calm himself.

I cleared my throat, biting my lip. He spun around, relaxing a bit once he saw me. If he didn't kidnap me, we'd probably be on different terms. But I was still slightly afraid of him, I have a right to be, don't I? He won't let me go!

"Hello there, Clare." He whispered, his voice soft. I nodded towards him, before turning on my heel and walking back to my seat. He made his way into the dining room, placing the food on the table in front of us. Placing a glass of water beside my plate and wine next to his. I guess he had some boundaries, which was good.

"I know you're still upset with me, but --" I cut him off.

"I have a right to be! You kidnapped me!" I yelled, my voice not as steady as I wanted it to be. He sighed, rubbing his face. I waited for him to say something else. His eyes met mine, I suddenly felt paralyzed. I couldn't move.

"I hope we'll get passed this, honestly. I have no intention to hurt you in anyway, I promise. Now, lets eat." He said, his voice like velvet. I nodded, scooping pasta onto my plate. He was watching my movements, I felt his eyes on me. I peeked at him for a split second before looking away to concentrate on my food.

You're mad at him. You will always be mad at him, Clare! My subconscious yelled at me. I nodded to myself, closing my eyes for a moment before I gazed into his emerald irises.

Oh my, I have to stay a safe distance away from this man. Yeah you better! Remember he's the bad guy, missy! I ignored her, actually I tried very hard to do so. I stared at him for a moment longer before turning away and eating my food quickly so I could escape to my "new" room.
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