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Forever Kidnapped

can't stay hidden

The shifting of my bed was what woke me up the next morning. At first, all of my fears were gone, I thought I was back in my own room, at home. I had myself thinking that it had all been a horrible dream. Until I opened my eyes and looked into the emerald irises I tried to forget about. I instantly had the urge to curl into a ball and sob into the pillow, but I held it back. I had to act as if I was strong, not some weak teenage girl.

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, blinking a few times before I glaced his way again. He gave me a small smile, running his fingers over my cheeks. I leaned into his touch, not realizing what was happening. Soon I snapped out of the spell, pushing the covers down to my ankles and sitting up. I let out a yawn, running my fingers through my blond curls.

"Breakfast is on the table, are you hungry?" Austin asked, his hands softly grazing over my bare skin. I blushed watching as he did so, it felt...nice. Clare, you have to stay clear of him! Get up and leave the damned room, now! My subconscious screamed at me, this time I listened to her. I stood up, hurriedly walking out of the room, leaving him there.

I sat in the dining room, filling my plate with the delicious looking food. I grabbed the fork, eating slowly and gazing around the space I was in. I heard footsteps making their way towards the room and I knew it was him. I turned my head, looking at the doorway, he was leaning against the frame, arms crossed. Did he know what I was trying to do? Probably.

A smirk formed across his lips before he started walking towards me. When he reached the chair, he leaned down, his lips touching my ear. I shivered softly, feeling weak all over again. I hated it. He was the bad guy! Wasn't he? UM, YES, HE IS! My subconscious screamed louder than ever, scolding me.

"You can't hide from me, darling." His words rang through my mind, suddenly making me feel light headed. But he was right, I couldn't. It's impossible, we're both in the same house.
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