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My Baby, My Darling.

"I always wrote him off as the reason that I can’t trust him. But I realized that he wasn’t the reason why I respond to everything the way that I do. There is a reason why I push him away every time he does the slightest thing wrong. He said it himself, I dictate when we are together and when we are apart. It’s always up to me and it is that way because he puts the decision into my hands. And I ruin it. I push him away, and then I push him away, and then I push him away. And he fights back. With every push, he moves closer. That is why we are still together. He does all of this. And I, I can’t love myself enough to love someone else."

"She’s always dealing with my mistakes, with my family’s mistakes. And she tried to fix it, she got dragged into my mess and she tried to help me. She tried to help me and somewhere along the line, I lost her. She put all of her faith in me and I lied to her. Now she isn’t the girl that doodles with every free moment, the girl that’s always forcing me to play scrabble with her, the girl that blasts music in my apartment and tries to get me to dance with her. That girl is gone and is replaced by what she thinks I want her to be. I broke her."

decided to take a crack at my first fiction. also decided to take a crack at actually posting it. i guess you could say i'm a new writer? I've just been reading so much lately, and become so frusturated with characters, plots, and such. Decided to try out a creation of my own. Go easy.

I claim these characters as my own based on the fact that I literally pulled these names and personalities out of my ass. Well, they are partially inspired by people in my own life. I'm not going to copyright it or anything, just know that I trust you guys not to steal it and let me know if someone does. Thanks!

BTW. This is rated R for a reason. Language, Sexual Content, and yehknow Alcohol and whatnot. Read at your own risk.