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Merely the Shadow of a Dream


Dear Heart, I met a boy a few months ago. Prepare to fly and then to crash.

I guess I should describe him. He has brown eyes that I melt into and smooth dark skin.

He never ceases to make me laugh and he's so smart.

He texts me every day to say, "Good morning, beautiful,"

He's perfect.

There is only one problem... I can't seem to give him a name.

I've tried it all. Matthew... Martin... Alex. None of them fits. Each of these names is flawed, tainted by the people who held them before. They do not fit him.

So I simply refer to him as "Dream Boy" or "The Boy With The Beautiful Eyes". He visits me each night, kisses me sweetly and sings me to sleep.

And he stays with me, watching over me and creating a beautiful dream world that has become my refuge.

And when I lift my lids, he is gone, leaving no trace of himself other than the smile upon my face.

I often cannot wait to fall asleep; our meetings are the sweetest part of my day.

But there are bigger problems still.

This perfect boy... I think I made him up inside my head.

No... I'm sure of it. Dream Boy is nothing more than just a dream.

I am dating a boy who does not exist.
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Hello, beautiful people! I got this idea after having a heated debate (read: argument) with a friend about dream guys. So I decided to write it down!

Hopefully chapters will be longer! If you have any tips to help me improve my writing, I would love to know them!

This chapter was inspired by this picture: Dear Heart.

The title credit and the credit for the words on the "banner" (made it myself! What do you think?) go to the amazing Mr. William Shakespeare!

This story is inspired greatly by this poem: Mad Girl's Love Song.

The little poem in the description is a little something I wrote. I kind of think it was stupid putting that there, so tell me if you think I should change it!

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Well... I think that's it! Sorry it's so long!

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