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Live In Reality

Chapter 13

Lenore lay in bed early the next morning, tangled in the sheets. It had been a late night for the young couple, but she had been unable to sleep. Watching her husband, Lenore couldn’t help but smile.

His curls were a messy heap on top of his head and he still wore his wedding band on his ring finger. Seeing that on him would take some getting used to for the both of them. His bee stung lips were parted just slightly, the air going in and out steadily.

Lenore rolled onto her stomach and played with a lock of his curls and giggled when he grunted in his sleep. Slipping out of the bed, she slid her lace panties and bra back on before buttoning Sidney’s dress shirt up over her. Moving into the kitchen of their suite, she started to brew a pot of coffee.

Waiting for the pot to finish, Lenore let her mind wander as she watched the sparkling of her new rings.

She had been engaged for less than three hours before she had said ‘I do.’. She couldn’t believe it had all happened so quickly. In all her life, she had never done something so spontaneous or radical. And Lenore was pretty certain Sidney hadn’t either. It had been a whirlwind experience for the two of them and Lenore was sure that it was only the beginning of the good times she would have with Sidney for the rest of their lives.

Lenore gasped. She and Sidney were together for what was intended to be the rest of their lives. She and Sidney were officially together forever.


Sidney rolled onto his side and expected his arm to curl around the waist of his wife. It didn’t.

He sat up and looked around groggily. His discarded shirt and Lenore’s underwear weren’t on the floor any longer and he was pretty certain he knew where they were. Climbing out of bed, he put his boxers on and happened to glance his left hand. His ring.

Sidney had married Lenore less than 24 hours before and had been engaged for just over a day now. Could he even say he was engaged? He and Lenore had said their vows, had said ‘I do’. They were together more than ever now.

On the outside, he couldn’t have been more thrilled to be spending the rest of his life with the woman he loved. But on the inside, he was thinking a little bit more.

His parents had no clue he and Lenore were married. In fact, only his sister and parents had been privy to the fact he was going to propose within his family. Maybe Lenore was right, maybe they wouldn’t take it well.

He shook his head. His parents loved Lenore. They would be happy for them, he was sure. But he would do as he had promised Lenore, he would talk to them.


Lenore stood in the kitchen with her back to the doorway. She poured the hot liquid into mugs and added cream and sugar, the way she and Sidney preferred. Suddenly, she felt two hands on her hips and a set of lips on her neck.

“Morning, beautiful wife,” he croaked.

Lenore smiled. “Morning to you too, sleepyhead. I was playing with your hair and you just kept on snoozing.”

“Can you blame me?” Sidney asked sipping his coffee. “You kept me busy last night.”

She kissed Sidney with a smile. “Like you didn’t enjoy it.”
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This one was just to sort everything out. The next one will be the conversation with Sidney's parents and the one after that will be the gold medal game. I have a few ideas for chapters after that, but really, this story is beginning to wind down. But don't worry, there's probably a good 6-8 chapters left. Let me know what's on your minds, lovelies!