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Live In Reality

Chapter 14

“Where is she?” a voice asked from the hallway. It was Taylor.

“In here!” Lenore called from the kitchen.

Sidney’s sister squealed and came running in to embrace her friend.

“Where are your parents?” Lenore asked as she put her own arms around Taylor.

“Still down in the lobby,” she shrugged. “Let me see that rock.” Taylor picked up Lenore’s left hand and gasped. “That’s not just an engagement ring. There’s a fucking wedding band on there too.”

“Yeah,” Sidney said putting his arm around Lenore. “Don’t go blabbing it to Mom and Dad because we want to tell them, but-,”

“We got married,” Lenore finished for him. “About a week and a half ago in Pittsburgh.”

“Well, shit, guys,” Taylor grinned. “I have a sister!”

Lenore laughed and leaned into Sidney. The door creaked open.

“Hello?” a voice called. “Anyone home?”

Lenore’s breath quickened and her eyes widened.

“In here!” Sidney answered and then his voice dropped. “Don’t worry, babe. It’s okay, just breathe.”

Lenore nodded and gulped a few breaths down. This was it.

“Lenore! Sidney!” Trina gushed as she embraced them both. “It’s so good to see you two!”

“Hi, Trina,” Lenore smiled. “It’s good to see you too. Hi, Troy.”

The older man hugged her as well. “Hello, Lenore. It’s nice to see you not working.”

“It’s nice not to be working for once,” she laughed nervously.

“Um, Sidney,” Trina asked hesitantly. “What is that?” She pointed to the ring on his finger.

“Well,” Lenore said slowly. “I’d say we’d all better sit down to talk. I’ll bring in some coffee.”


“So let me get this straight,” Trina said setting her mug down. “You two got married in Pittsburgh as a spur of the moment thing?”

“It wasn’t a ‘thing’, Mom,” Sidney sighed. “I proposed and after she said yes, I decided I wanted to get married right away.”

“And neither of you thought to tell us before hand?” Troy asked.

“It was such a short time span,” Lenore said. “I think we were engaged for all of three hours, maybe less.”

Taylor spoke up. “Ma, Dad, you guys are pissed. I get that, but look at it this way: your son married an amazing woman that doesn’t put up with his shit. Be happy she’s not some gold-digging slut that’ll hang around for a little while and then run off when the next best thing comes along.”

Lenore wasn’t sure whether to be flattered by Taylor’s words or worried that her in-laws had once possibly considered her a gold digging slut.

“We’re sorry you weren’t there,” she said. “Me especially. But it’s done with and we want to do something this summer. Maybe in Cole Harbour?”

Trina’s face softened. “That would be lovely.”
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