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Live In Reality

Chapter 19

“You are so lucky!” Vero sighed as she, Lenore, Chantal, Taylor, Mrs. Chambres, and Trina all sat in the waiting room of a bridal boutique.

“Why?” Lenore asked without looking up from her BlackBerry. Sidney and the boys were also in New York City for a game against the Rangers and they were going through their game day routines. He had been texting her all day, trying to convince her to send him a picture of the dress she would eventually pick.

“I can’t even get Marc to settle on a date and you’re already married,” she threw her hands up in the air. “It’s not fair, ma souer, I’ve been engaged for almost a year.”

Lenore smiled at her friend. “But think of it this way, when you guys finally do get married, it’ll be all the more special.”

“She’s got a point, V,” Chantal nodded. “At least you’re in a relationship.”

Vero rolled her eyes. “Jordan’s had his eye on you forever.”

Chantal blushed a deep shade of red. “I can’t stand that giant.”

“You two have a cute love-hate relationship,” Taylor laughed. “I could see your adorable babies now. They’d both be freakishly tall, have Jordan’s eyes and your gorgeous skin.”

“Those would be some attractive kids,” Ella nodded. “Wouldn’t you agree, Trina?”

“Oh yes,” she smiled. “I think you would be good for Jordan.”

“Too bad Jordan wouldn’t be good for me,” Chantal mumbled so only Lenore could hear.


An hour later, the group-sans Lenore and her bridal consultant- sat waiting to see the next dress.

“You guys,” Lenore’s voice came from around the corner. “I think this is the one.”

A collective gasp came from the group as she rounded the corner and stood on the small pedestal in front of the mirror. Her ball gown style dress played off her dark hair and the white popped even more.

“What do you think?” she asked with tears in her eyes.

“Oh sweetie,” Chantal murmured. “You look…”

“Stunning,” Trina nodded. “Absolutely stunning.”

“You look freaking amazing, Len,” Taylor smiled. “You’ll knock Sid off his feet.”

“Now that,” Vero smiled. “That is a wedding dress.”

Lenore was thrilled with their reactions, but the one she wanted the most wasn’t given.

“Mom?” she asked. “What do you think?”

Ella dabbed at her eyes with a tissue and came to stand next to her daughter.

“You look… like a real bride,” she said quietly. “Beautiful, as always, but more so.”

Trying not to burst into tears, Lenore turned to her mother. “Thank you, Mom.” She drew a sharp breath as the tears started to spill. “I- I wish Daddy was here.”

Ella choked on a sob. “Me too, Lenny, me too.”

“Is this the one?” the bridal consultant asked.

Lenore turned and looked at herself in the mirror and the woman behind her. They watched her intently.

“Yes,” she nodded. “This is the one.”
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