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Live In Reality

Chapter 20

Lenore stood in front of the full-length mirror, just looking at her reflection. Today was the day.

Sure, they were already married, but they hadn’t had a wedding. At least, they hadn’t had one to Lenore’s standards.

It was a late June day and the sun was shining. Sidney and Lenore would renew their vows in front of a much larger crowd than the first time. Now, the whole team was in attendance, along with players from across the league, staff members, family, and friends. At first, it was going to be an intimate affair. But after realizing they had already had one, that plan had gone out the window. Just as Sidney had promised, Lenore was getting her fairytale wedding day.

She was dressed and ready to go. Or, she was on the outside. Inside, Lenore was doing a lot of thinking.

Her mind drifted to her ex-fiancé, Jason. Had she really married him, Lenore wouldn’t have the life she had now. She knew she wouldn’t be as in love with Jason as she was with Sidney. There was a part of her that wondered what her life could have been like, had she stayed with Jason. But another part of her knew it didn’t, and wouldn’t ever, matter. She was already married to the man of her dreams and today they would reaffirm their love.

Despite the sleep she had gotten the night before, Lenore had to stifle a yawn. It was going to be a busy day, she knew. Vero had come up with some amusing photo ideas to include the boys in and then there was the reception.

Chantal, Vero, and Taylor had all worked with Lenore on coming up with ideas and in the end, they had found just what they had been looking for.

A canopy of lights would be overhead as the guests and the happy couple celebrated that night under the stars in the backyard of Sidney’s-and now Lenore’s- home in Halifax.

There was a knock on the door of the room Lenore was in, causing her to jump. The room had been empty of all people, save Lenore, for nearly 15 minutes.

“We’re just about ready to get out of here, Len,” Chantal’s voice said. “Need anything?”

“No,” Lenore said quietly. “I’m good. I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

Going about the room, Lenore gathered up her things. The same clutch from the courthouse, the earrings, the shoes, and of course her father’s pocket watch. Sidney had her wedding band and she had his. It had been his idea to exchange rings again, and so for the past day, Lenore had only worn her engagement ring.

Taking one last look in the mirror, Lenore’s hands drifted to her stomach. It was a little rounder than it had been when she had been fitted for her dress, but that was okay. Now, there was a little life inside it.

From now on, it wasn’t just she and Sidney. It was the Crosby family, together forever, in reality.
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A little scrapbook representation of their wedding