Status: Semi-Active

No Such Thing as Too Young

I wasn't the little girl Tony once saw me as, and Tony sure wasn't that young boy he once was either.
  1. You are my getaway
    Yeah Boy And Doll Face- Pierce The Veil
  2. That Kiss Tastes Like Summer
    The Boy Who Could Fly- Pierce The Veil
  3. And I Don't Ever Want To Lose My Best Friend
    A Match Into Water- Pierce The Veil
  4. Your Southern Constellations Got Me So Dizzy
    Southern Constellations- Pierce The Veil
  5. I'm Afraid, That I've Thrown It All Away
    Kissing In Cars- Pierce The Veil
  6. Darling You'll Be Okay
    Hold On Til May- Pierce The Veil
  7. You Hold My Attention Without Ever Trying
    The New National Anthem- Pierce The Veil
  8. There's Faith In Love
    Kissing In Cars- Pierce The Veil
  9. I Will Love You Til We Are Buried
    Cemetery Weather- Isles And Glaciers
  10. I Breathe You In With Smoke
    Bulletproof Love- Pierce The Veil
  11. Break Down The Better Side Of Me
    The Cheap Bouquet-Pierce The Veil
  12. This Is Just Me Disguised As Me
    May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight - Pierce The Veil
  13. Can We Create Something Beautiful And Destroy It
    Disasterology- Pierce The Veil