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I Never Told You

Chapter 12 part 2

I walked into school for my last final, my mind was no longer filled with my history notes. I was thinking about finishing up my packing as I was leaving Sweden in less than 24 hours after my final was over.

I was happy that Gabe and I were keeping up our “tradition” of sorts that we would go out for dinner after each final. This mean would be a lunch, as my final was first thing in the morning. I walked up to the classroom door and saw Nik standing there.

“Hey, last day in Sweden, huh?”

I slowly nodded. “Yeah, I don’t really want to think about it too much.”

He sent me a small smile and nodded. “Yeah, I get it. Let’s get this last one over with then, yeah?”

I sighed, happy that he dropped the subject and we walked into the classroom.

Sitting down in my seat, my mind drifted back to when Gabe first came home for the summer. I thought about how much I had missed him, and how much I would after I left. I don’t know how I’m going to allow myself to leave. Sure, I’ll be back with my mom and my friends back home, but I would miss the friends and family I gained during my year in Sweden.

Looking out the window, I saw Gabe and Bea standing outside. They looked in at me and each gave me a thumbs up. I sent them a small smile and a wave. I wasn’t in the mood to give them a thumbs up back, but they appreciated the smile.

The teacher told us to start and I dove into my final, hoping that it would go by fast. The sooner I get out of the classroom, the longer time I would have with Gabe before I left.


Gabe’s POV

Looking in the window of the classroom Katy’s sitting in to write her final, I couldn’t help but feel a piece of my heart break. I could tell this was breaking her. She really didn’t want to leave.

“You love her, don’t you?”

I looked over at Bea with wide eyes.

“What? Where did you get that idea?”

She scoffed and ran a hand through her hair.

“Please, I’ve seen the way you look at her. It’s the same way Mom looks at Dad, if not a little more intense. I blame that on the distance and time apart.”

I wrapped an arm around her shoulder and chuckled.

“You are something else, you know that?”

She ducked out from under my arm and walked away from me. She turned on her heel and raised her eyebrow at me.

“You never answered my question, you know.”

I rolled my eyes and followed her back to the car.

“You are really annoying, you know.”

She stuck her tongue out at me.

“Yet, you still love me, big brother.”

“Only because I have to.”

We got in the car and drove back home. Bea didn’t have a final today, but we thought it was would be nice for Katy if we both took her to the school today.

“So, what do you have planned for Katy’s last day?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“I don’t know. I think I’m just going to wing it. She’s been putting off packing for a while, so she has a lot to do tonight.”

When Bea and I pull up to the house, I walk up the stairs and go right for Katy’s room. I opened the door and looked around. She hadn’t begun packing anything. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. I walked over to her bed and laid down.


Katy’s POV

After writing my final, I walked out of the classroom and out of the school. I thought about texting Gabe right away, but I wanted a few moments to myself. I pulled my iPod out of my purse and put the headphones in my ears. I looked out in front of me and walked out of the school’s front door and looked around. I spotted a tree and made my way over to it. Sitting down and leaning against the tree, I pressed play. As the first song began to play, I felt my eyes close. The words spoke to me in more ways than anything else ever could.

This is the hardest part,
After we’ve come so far.
Which turn to take,
How do we make it through.

The more I listened to Liz Longley sing into my ears, I thought about what this day means and what I’m feeling. I felt tears come to my eyes as the song was coming to an end. Once I heard the song end, I knew that I had to face the rest of the day, regardless of how much I was dreading it. So, I pulled my phone out of my purse and called Gabe. I heard the phone ring about three or four times before going to voice mail. I didn’t think anything of it and hung up. Looking at what time it was, I quickly called Bea, hoping that she would still be home or at least not too busy.

“Hey!” I heard after two rings.

“Hey, sorry to call you, but Gabe’s not answering his phone.”

She chuckled. “It’s okay, he’s probably still passed out on your bed.”

I raised an eyebrow. “My bed? What is he doing on my bed?”

“Not too sure, but as soon as we got back to the house, he went right to your room.”

“Oh. Okay.” I said, still a little confused. “Well, do you think you could come get me? I’m all done and ready to come back to the house.”

“You sure you don’t want me to wake up Gabe?”

I thought about it for a second, thinking that it would be nice to have Gabe pick me up, but I thought I would let him sleep.

“No, it’s okay. Let him sleep.”

“Okay. On my way.”

I hung up the phone and waited put my phone back in my purse. I stood up, but still leaned against the tree. I could see Bea pulling up to the school from where I was standing. I looked around and saw people coming out of the school and walking into the parking lot. Those I knew, I gave a small wave.

Once Bea pulled up, I let out a small sigh. It felt as though the end was near. I knew that I would go back to the house, begin to pack up my things and be off to the airport as soon as I woke up the next morning.

After sliding into the car, I sent Bea a small smile.

“So, you excited to be all done for the summer?”

I wanted to smile, but I couldn’t hide my sadness from her. She was quick to notice.

“Oh, shit, Katy, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.”

I shook my head.

“It’s okay, I’ll be okay. I think the longer I stay here now that I’m done the school,t he harder it’s going to be to leave.”

“To leave Gabe, you mean?”

I looked over and saw a small smirk appear on her face. It wasn’t like it was any secret, so I sighed.

“Yeah, he’s a big part of it. But living with your family was awesome, too. I feel like I could live here forever. That’s because you and your parents had made me feel so at home here.”

Bea smiled as we pulled out of the school parking lot. We spent the rest of the ride singing to the radio, to everything from Drake to One Direction. It was nice to have these last moments with her, since I didn’t know when I was going to see her again. I hoped it wouldn’t be too long.

We pulled up to the house and I took a few seconds before getting out of the car. Bea left me alone with my thoughts and I was happy that she understood. When I finally stepped out and walked to the front door, I saw Bea waiting for me at the front door. She wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug. I smiled at her, not having to say thanks and we walked into the house.

I made my way up the stairs, I didn’t know what to expect since Bea said Gabe was passed out on my bed. When I reached my room, he wasn’t there. I looked around my room and began to pack up my stuff. Better to start now, so I can enjoy the rest of the day. I thought to myself.

After I had everything off of my dressers and end tables in boxes, I sat on my bed. I leaned back and laid my head against the pillows. I closed my eyes for a few seconds, and thought about…everything.

After what felt like hours, but after looking at my phone was only minutes, I sat up. I decided that I wanted to see Gabe. I knew that he had to be here somewhere. I walked down the hall to his bedroom door and knocked lightly. I heard him lightly groan, but didn’t hear footsteps. I rolled my eyes and smirked to myself. I gently turned the doorknob and let myself in. I knew that he wouldn’t mind.

Opening the door, I saw him sprawled out on his bed on his stomach. I tiptoed over to his bed and slowly laid down beside him. I ran my hand over his face softly. His eyes fluttered open. He smiled and wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him. But as soon as I felt my cheek press against his bare chest, he shot up.

“Katy?!” He whisper-shouted. “Oh shit,” he ran a hand over his face. “I was asleep when you called, wasn’t I?”

I nodded. “Yeah, it’s okay, though. Bea picked me up. It was nice to have that last car ride with her.”

Gabe finally laid back down and pulled me to him again. I smiled and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

“I’m going to miss you.,” I whispered, finally letting the tears I had been holding in fall.

He reached up and wiped the tears away with his thumb. “No, you’re not.”

I scoffed and raised an eyebrow at him. “Are you drunk? Of course I am.”

“How can you miss me if I won’t go away?”

I pushed myself off the mattress to lean on my elbows. I wanted to be sure of what he was saying. “What do you mean by that?”

He raised a finger and pointed over to the far wall of his room. I turned my head and saw a duffle bag and a suitcase packed. I looked back at him. He had a big grin on his face. It took me a minute for it to click in my head.

“You’re coming with me?”

He leaned up and placed his lips on mine. Pulling away, he placed his forehead on mine.

“I don’t know about you, but I didn’t do too well with you halfway across the world.”

I smiled as the tears continue to fall. As my lips crashed onto Gabe’s once again, I couldn’t help but think my life truly couldn’t get any better.
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