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I Never Told You

Chapter 13

After saying goodbye to Gabe’s family, we boarded the plane. I didn’t think about how I was packing, and forgot that I could only bring so much on the plane. So, Cecilia and Tony said they would figure all of that out and have my stuff shipped back to my place within the week. I owed them so much.

As Gabe and I found our seats, I could feel my eyes well up. I sat in my seat and looked out the window. I didn’t want to show Gabe that I was crying, thinking he’d get the wrong idea.

“Katy? Babe, you okay?” I nodded, still not facing him. “Katy, look at me, please.” I turned my head to face him. His face fell at the sight of my tears, the reaction I was hoping wouldn’t happen. “Baby, what’s the matter?”

I shook my head. “It’s nothing bad. I’m just going to miss Sweden, that’s all. Your family did a lot for me, y’know. I couldn’t have asked for a better host family.”

He smiled and reached down to place my hand in his. “You know they feel the same way about you. You were so awesome, y’know, putting up with Bea.” We shared a chuckle and I nodded.

“Yeah, she wasn’t that much to deal with. She’s become a good friend of mine.”

I leaned over and placed a soft kiss on his lips. Pulling away, Gabe placed a finger on his lips and gave me a look of confusion.

“Little bit of advice, please don’t have my sister be the topic of conversation that leads to kissing.”

I nodded. “Gotcha.” I pulled a magazine out of my purse and began to read it. “You started it.” I said with a smirk, turning back to my magazine. Gabe chuckled lightly, leaning back in his seat. He kept my hand in his.

Halfway through the plane ride, I looked over and noticed that Gabe had fallen asleep. I had my headphones in and looked out the window.

Wandering the streets,
in a world underneath it all.
But nothing seems to be,
nothing tastes as sweet as what I can’t have.

As Teddy Geiger flows through my ears, I close my eyes, leaning my head back onto my seat and think about what could happen after Gabe and I land. What my family will think, say or do. It’s not a bad feeling, just a little nervousness. As the chorus starts, I open my eyes and look over at the sleeping Swede beside me.

I’m gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have,
and cannonball into the water.
I’m gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have.
For you, I will.
For you, I will.

I smile as I lightly run my fingers softly through Gabe’s hair. I’m happy for the unknown, whatever is to come of this summer, but mostly, the time I have with Gabe.

Let the summer begin.
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I'm so so so so so so so sorry. I know this is so short and sooo overdue. I have been struggling with a lot this summer, and having writer's block on top of that hasn't been fun.

I just wanted to get this little bit out so I could start out the rest of the summer with Gabe and Katy back in the states with Katy's family.

there will be more to come soon, I promise. It just may not be as often as I'd like.

thanks for sticking around to read this.

steph <3