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Vampire Book


My name is Allison and I have white hair and blue eyes. When I was born my mom died. After a while my dad got remarried and then a month later he died in a car crash. So I live with my step mother Marissa. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Also I only have three friends. One of my friends name is Summer. She has orange hair with yellow highlights and green eyes. We were friends since Pre-K so were like sisters nothing can separate us. Then there is Faith, She has blonde hair and grey eyes. We met in 2nd grade and then we met John in 3rd grade. He’s like a brother to me, he has brown hair and eyes.
So let me get you caught up mythical creatures exist and they became our slaves. So that’s where I’m going now the pet store. I have to go because my step mother is making me buy a slave because apparently I’m irresponsible. Also she knows what I think about them being treated like slaves they are living beings just like us.
I thought if I had to buy one I’m going to get a kid so they don’t get punished because we can treat them how we want and do ANYTHING we want to them. So I want to try and save someone from this at lease. When I made it to the pet store I sat in my car for a bit. Then I got the nerve to go in. When I got there I went to the cash register and said, "Hi I would like to see your vampires."
The guy looked up at me and nodded then said, "Follow me then."
When I followed him to the back I saw the most adorable little girl with a guy that had brown hair and black eyes. The little girl had brown hair and green eyes. When the guy vampire saw me looking at the girl he growled at me. Then the little girl saw I had a candy bar with me and licked her lips. When I saw that I asked, "How much is this little girl?"
After I said that the little girl looked up at me and she looked scared for her life. When the guy said, "Just take her she is just a little witch, she hides from people when they come back here."
I said, "Okay I want her now."
After I said that he got a chain out and put the chain around her neck and dragged her out front and then tossed her on ground. When I saw that I thought I would cry but I held it back. Then he did something unexpected and said, "Go to your master now." When she was about to get up he kicked her and I knew I couldn’t stop him. So I said, "Come on I don’t have all day." After that he tossed her to the ground by my foot and handed me the leash to the chain that was around her neck. When we were out of the store I asked, "What’s your name?" She looked down and said, "Its L-Lilly." So I said, "Lilly do you want to go get clothes now?" After I said that she nodded. So I said, "Who was that guy you were in a cage with?"
"That was my b-brother."
I guessed I looked sad because she said, "What’s wrong?" When she realized she spoke to me directly she flinched away and was surprise when I hugged her. When I let go of her she looked scared so I said, "I’m sad because I feel bad for your brother right now and as long as you’re with me you’re not getting hit okay."
When I said that she nodded and I said, "Pick all the clothes you want."
When she looked up and said, "But these aren’t the slave’s clothes."
I said, "That’s because you won’t be treated like one so you won’t look like one and if you hurry up we can go back to the pet store and get someone else or maybe your brother."
That got her to get a lot of clothes fast so I laughed and said, "Come on sweetie."
She came with me and I paid for the stuff and said, "Let's go save someone else from being a slave."
She smiled when I said that. When we got back in the pet store he said, "Please don’t tell me you’re bringing her back too."
I said, "No I just want to get another slave."
When we got in the back I went on my knees and said, "Okay Lilly pick any person you want but just one."
She nodded and took my hand to the cage her brother was in and said, "Can we get my brother please."
I nodded and said, "How much is he?"
The guy said, "Since you’re a pretty women $100."
I said, "Okay ill buy him."
When we got out of the store I said, "Okay let’s get you clothes too."
He looked at me and nodded. So I said, "What’s your name?"
When he wouldn’t answer Lilly said, "His name is Ryan."
When she said that he said, "Lilly why did you tell her, we can’t trust her."
She said, "Yes we can, I spoke to her when I wasn’t suppose too and she...”
He cut her off by growling but she said, "Wait Ryan, she didn’t hit me she hugged me."
He looked at me shocked and said, “Why?”
I looked at him and asked, “What are you talking about?”
“Why don’t you treat us like slaves,” he asked.
“If it was the other way around I wouldn’t want to be a slave, so why would you want to be a slave, also I’m totally against slavery and when my step-mom said I had to get a slave, well I thought I could save a little kid like Lilly from getting hurt,” I said.
He said, “Then why did you come back and get me?”
I looked at Lilly and bent down and said, “Lilly come over here.”
When I said that she got scared and when she came over to me I picked her up. When I did this I saw Lilly flinch and Ryan stiffen. I looked back down at Lilly and she looked at me and I noticed she was crying. I said, “Now why would a pretty little girl be crying when I have her in my arms.”
She looked down and put her head on my chest. After that she said, “I thought I did something wrong and I miss my mommy.”
After she said that I felt heartbroken. I looked at her and said, “Now why would I hit you if you did do something wrong. Also no matter what I will be with you sweetie now stop crying you’re going to make me cry soon.”
Lilly looked up at me and nodded and says, “Okay.”
“So like I was saying Lilly told me how you were her brother so I thought we could get you or someone else, whoever Lilly picked. Oh and by the way my name is Allison.”
After we bought Ryan and Lilly everything they would need we got in my car and started to drive home. An hour later we arrived at my house, but other people call it a mansion. It looks like a big brown mansion. When we got out of the car I said, “Both of you come here.” When they came I took the chains off. Then we went inside I went to the kitchen and got them blood. When they were done drinking the blood we went to my room. When we got there I said, “Lilly you will sleep in here with me and Ryan you will sleep next door to my room.”
When I said that Lilly was sleeping in my room he growled a little. So I said, “Don’t worry nothing’s going to happen to her.”
He didn’t believe me so I said, “Go in your room now.”
Ryan growled at me but left to his room. Lilly just stood there scared stiff. So I sat on my bed and said, “Come here Lilly, I want to tell you something”
Lilly came over to me and sat down on the floor so I picked her up and put her on my lap. Then I asked, “Lilly where are your parents?”
When I said that she started to cry a little, so I asked, “You don’t know do you, Lilly.”
She shook her head and I felt bad for her. I said, “You know what I’m glad my step-mom made me go get a slave because I have you now and guess what?” She looked at me and I said, “I met a little vampire girl I want to be my sister or one of my kids when I grow older and I would switch both of you to get her but I can’t.”
She looked at me shocked and she said, “Why can’t you get her.”
I said, “The reason why is because she is sitting on my lap right now.”
Lilly looked up at me and smiled. Then I said, “Go get a bath so we can go to sleep.”
She rushed off to the shower with clothes in her hands. I knew I was smiling because of the way she acted. Then I thought I should check up on Ryan. So then I went next door and knocked. When he opened the door I smiled and asked, “Do you need anything?”
He laughed and said, “Aren’t I the slave, not you.”
I shrugged and asked, “Do you like your room or do you want a different one?”
He looked at me like I was crazy and asked, “Why?”
I sighed, “Like I said before I wouldn’t want to be a slave.”
Ryan said, “Okay thank you.”
I said, “No problem.”
I left and went up to the attic where I had all my real stuff. Even my clothes from back to when I was a baby. I got the clothes that should fit Lilly and went back to my room. I saw that Lilly fell asleep on the couch that’s in my room. So I picked her up and tucked her in my bed. Then I went to the attic and singed along to Tik Tok by Ke$ha while it played. Then I decided to go on my laptop and check my MySpace and Facebook. After that I logged onto AIM and my friends where online so we make a chat room and talked.
Summer: Hey Ally what’s new
John: Hey Allison what up
Faith: Hey what’s new in life?
Allison: Nothing much guys but my step mom made me go get a vampire slave
Summer: Allison I am so sorry for you
John: It’s okay Allison
Faith: Sorry Ally at lease they won’t get hit
Allison: Ya that is what I thought so I saved a little kid vampire from it and her brother
Summer: Oh that’s sweet you got her brother for her
Faith: Is the brother hot???
John: Who do I have to beat up!!!
Allison: You can say hot or major H-O-T HOT
Allison: No beating any one up and got to go cya guys
Summer: Bye talk to you tomorrow don’t forget I’m coming over tomorrow
Faith: See you tomorrow Ally
John: Fine and Bye
I turned my laptop off and started to draw a sunset. Then I went down stairs into my room and went and fell asleep on the couch.
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