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Vampire Book

Chapter two

I was woken up by a gasp and noticed it to be Lilly. I sat up quick and saw Lilly crying and saying sorry. So I got up and sat by her. Then I picked her up and put her in my lap and said, “Its okay no one is going to hurt you while I’m around.”
She looked at me and nodded. So I asked, “Are you hungry, Lilly?”
Lilly looked up and nodded so I asked, “Why don’t you speak I’m missing that sound of your voice already?”
Lilly giggled and said, “Okay mommy.”
I looked at her; she frowned and said, “I’m sorry Allison I didn’t mean to call you my mommy.”
I said, “Its okay Lilly you could call me mommy if you want just as long as you’re happy I don’t care.”
She looked at me and giggled then smiled and said, “I love you like you’re my real mommy.”
“I love you like a daughter, Lilly, so there’s no need to worry. Oh and if you want you can stay with Ryan or you can come with me to work it’s your choice.”
“Okay can I go with you, Mommy?”
“Yes you can honey now go pick your clothes out and get a bath so we can go.”
When Lilly got her clothes and went to get a bath I went to Ryan’s room and knocked. When he opened the door I said, “I’m going to work so please behave with my Step-mom. Oh and Lilly is going to come to work with me so you know.”
He nodded and said, “Okay I will.”
When I got back Lilly was ready. So we went downstairs and got something to eat. Then we went and got in my old black convertible car. When we got to the hospital I checked in and got Lilly. We went to my office and I got some books out to read to the sick kids. I didn’t know if Lilly would want to go see kids and read to them or play with them so I decided to ask.
“Hey honey would you like to come with me to read to the kids and play with them?”
“Sure I’d like to see new people.”
I said, “Okay, do you want to help me find some books I should read today.”
“Sure oh can you read this book and this one and this one?”
“Yes I can why won’t you read one?”
“I don’t know how to read.”
“Oh ok I got the books so let’s go.”
The first kid we went in to her room since she doesn’t leave her room. Her name is Emily and she’s a sweet little girl. When she saw Lilly she gasped and started to shake since she was scared. So I said, “Its ok Emily, Lilly won’t hurt you because if she does she knows she’ll get in trouble.”
She nodded so I said, “Emily do you want to play with Lilly if she wants to.”
Emily said, “Will you play with me Lilly, no one except Ally comes in here to play with me?”
Lilly looked at me with a questionable face asking if she could. I nodded and she jumped up on Emily’s bed and asked, “What do you want to play.”
Emily said, “I don’t know what about Bratz or Barbie’s.”
“Ok it doesn’t matter to me.”
“Ok who do you want to be her or her?” Emily asked holding up two Barbie dolls.
“Her I think she reminds me a bit of myself and Allison.”
“Why do you call her Allison?”
“That’s her name.”
“Oh, well you could call her Ally, mama, or mommy I do but I think it’s only because my parents left me here when I was born.”
“No I think it’s because she cares about you.”
I left the room because today was Emily’s birthday she’s turning 7 today so I thought I would give her a surprise. I went up to the front desk and asked for the Emily’s adoption papers. When I got them I went back to Emily’s room to see her and Lilly playing. I hid the papers behind my back and said, “Happy 7th birthday Emily.”
She turned to look at me and smiled. She said, “Ally, what did you get me for my birthday?”
“Well do you want to be adopted?”
Emily looked at me and said, “No, I want to stay here so you can visit me and Lilly can visit me too.”
“No, Emily you got it wrong I want to adopt you. So what do you say do you want me to be your new mom?”
“Really Ally?” Emily asked smiling.
“Yes Emily I thought since you already call me mommy and mama sometimes and Lilly and you like each other and I’m turning 18 on the 28th of May and it’s the 27th of May today I thought you would like that but if not I could always get you a present.”
“No I want you as my mommy.”
“Okay I got to go girls I need to fill these papers out so you can continue playing but first can I speak to you Lilly?”
Lilly looked up and nodded then followed me back to my office. When we got there I asked, “Is it ok with you that Emily will be living with us because if you don’t want me to adopt her I won’t.”
Lilly looked at me then said, “It’s not my choice if you adopt her, Allison.”
“I know Lilly but you’re already like a daughter to me I want to know how you feel about this?”
“I actually like the idea I could have someone that I can play with.”
“Okay go ahead back Lilly I know you want to play and also tell her to pack everything she wants because tomorrow we are going to pick her up and then go shopping for anything you guys want and need.”
Lilly ran back to play with Emily while I filled out paperwork so I could adopt Emily. When I got done filling the papers out I put them in my desk drawer. Then I went to go get Lilly I went into Emily’s room to see them sleeping on Emily’s bed. So I went and picked Lilly up and carried her to my car. I laid her down in the back seat and started the drive home.
When we got there I picked her back up and carried her to my room. I laid her on my bed and went to tell my step-mom she better of found a house by now. I already told her when I was sixteen that once I turned eighteen that she is getting kicked out. Only because that’s when I get everything from my Mom’s and Dad’s will. That is $9,999,999,999,999 and the house and everything of theirs.
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