Sequel: The Freeing Blood
Status: This book is finished and has a sequel called The Freeing Blood. If the sequel hasn't been posted, it will be soon. As always, please comment! :)

Shadow Kiss

Chapter 1

Chapter One

“Alright all you cool kids out there, we have a very special prize for you tonight,” the DJ announced over the radio. I continued washing the dishes ignoring him. He usually said that and every time I would get excited only to hear him announce that the prize was concert tickets to a Bieber concert or winning a free $10 gift card to some local place. I shuddered to think how I had gotten excited over a “grand prize” once only to hear the “prize” was two tickets to Bieber’s concert. I nearly wanted to shoot my brains out.
“Yeah, I bet you do, Rich,” I mumbled as I scrubbed a plate clean.
“Whoever can correctly answer this question the fastest...” he paused for dramatic effect. I rolled my eyes.
“Wins the chance to go on one investigation alongside the famous Ghost Adventures crew!” He announced excitedly over the radio. I nearly dropped the plate on the floor. My eyes flew to the radio.
“Say what?”
“The Ghost Adventures crew will be coming to our quaint little town of Sunfire Falls to investigate the old MacMiller house on the hill just outside of town. So hurry and pick up those phones and call in!” Rich explained.
I gripped the stereo tightly in my soapy hands. “Shut up, Rich, just tell us the question!”
“Here’s the question: What was Zak Bagans former job before becoming a documentarian for Ghost Adventures? Alright there’s your question folks now hurry up and call in and win a chance to investigate with the famous Ghost Adventures crew!” Rich reminded before switching it over to a commercial.
I pivoted around and frantically searched for my phone.
“Come on, come on, come on…..WHERE IS IT?!” I yelled out in frustration. I actually knew the answer to this question and so help me god if I didn’t get this chance to investigate with them…
I nearly broke down in tears when I was still unable to find my phone. That’s when I came to the sudden realization that it was in my back pocket. I smacked my hand to my forehead and hurriedly took out my phone. I quickly dialed in the radio station’s number, cursing when the phone slipped out of my soapy hands and crashed to the kitchen floor.
“Damn it!” I growled wiping my hands off onto my pants before picking up the phone.
“Hello lucky caller! You are the first to phone in! What’s your name?” Rich answered joyfully.
All I could do was stare out into my small kitchen as Rich’s words sunk in.
“Um, hello? What’s your name?” Rich repeated.
“Uh, A-Aerolynn, sir,” I stammered still caught up in the grips of shock.
“Alright, Aerolynn. I’m gonna put you on hold for a minute while we come back on the air.”
Then I heard Rich’s voice once again fill my kitchen from the speakers of my stereo.
“Alright, we have our lucky first caller on the line here. Tell us your name, sweetheart.”
“Alright, Aerloynn, the question was: what was Zak B—”
“Wedding DJ!” I quickly fired out not even allowing Rich to finish.
Rich laughed. “Correct! If you come down to the station tomorrow morning around ten, the Ghost Adventures crew will be here to meet you and help prepare you for the investigation! Thanks for calling!” Then the line went dead.
I hung up the phone and let my arm fall down to my side. Holy crap. I am going to meet Zak Bagans tomorrow. HOLY. FUCKING. SHIT.