Sequel: The Freeing Blood
Status: This book is finished and has a sequel called The Freeing Blood. If the sequel hasn't been posted, it will be soon. As always, please comment! :)

Shadow Kiss

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

The guys decided to stay at the local motel near the outer edge of town a few miles down the road from the MacMiller house. Even though they insisted I could go back to my apartment and stay there until they were ready for tomorrow’s investigation, I told them it was no big deal and I was coming along anyways.
So we were in the lobby of the motel as Zak paid for two double rooms. He came back and slapped my key into my hand.
“Since you insist on coming along,” he replied irritably. I narrowed my eyes at him as he walked away. What was his problem?
Even though I hadn’t really been able to go back to my apartment and pack stuff, I still slid the key into my pocket and followed the guys out the door to their room.
“So which of you two will be bunk mates?” I chuckled leaning against the doorframe.
“It’s usually Aaron and me that share a bed,” Nick grunted as he plopped the suitcases down on the bed. I wasn’t sure if they were filled with clothing or equipment. If I had to make a guess, I would probably say a bit of both.
“Oooh, so Princess gets a bed all to himself?” I teased meeting Zak’s eyes. He paid me no attention.
“Haha, usually,” Aaron answered.
“Alright guys, we have this tour at 11:30, so we need to get going,” Zak commanded.
Nick and Aaron sighed. “Okay. We’ll make sure we have all of our equipment,” Nick said brushing by me to head outside. Aaron tipped his head in my direction and left behind Nick. I stayed leaning against the door watching Zak unpack some of his things.
“Is there a reason why you are still standing around watching me unpack?” Zak sighed as he met my gaze.
“You’re different from what I expected,” I blurted out.
He arched a brow. “Oh? How so?”
“I thought you would be…nicer. Like you seem to be on television.”
“Yeah, well, I have to draw in viewers somehow and I can’t just simply rely on my looks.”
“What’s your deal? You act like you don’t even want to be here,” I snapped. He straightened to his full height, slamming down some of his clothes onto the bed.
“It’s not that I don’t want to be here. I just don’t want to have to waste my time teaching somebody how to properly use our equipment for ONE night of investigation,” he retorted.
“I see,” I simply answered glancing down. “Well, if you had bothered to gotten to know more about me, you would have figured out that I already know how to use your equipment since I have done a few ghost hunts myself. But I’m sure you didn’t want to waste your precious time getting to know a person for ONE night, right?”
I turned on my heel and walked away without giving him the satisfaction of looking back.