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The Freeing Blood

Excerpt from Unto Eternity (Book 3)



The man sneered as he watched Zak and Aerolynn laugh at something Aaron had said. The Ghost Adventures gang and Zak’s newest slut were all gathered around Aerolynn’s dining room table playing a round of cards. It had been two years since she had completely obliterated the darkness inside Zak.
'Her power is stronger than I thought. I must find a way to extract that power and use it to wage war on all mankind. But how?' the angel thought distractedly to himself.
“Are you still brooding over that female?” a familiar soprano voice teased. The angel turned around to lock eyes with his partner in crime. She was wearing a white lace tube top with a matching short, white lace skirt. Attached to the front of the skirt was a silky fabric that stretched up along her abdomen and hooked around her neck giving the outfit the appearance of a halter dress from the front. Yet from the back it made her look as if she was wearing nothing but lingerie. The white contrasted beautifully against her tan skin and complimented her golden waves. When she wore things such as that it was no wonder why all the male angels fought over her.
“I’m not brooding,” he snapped turning back to the glass pedestal that was filled to the brim with crystalline waters. “I’m planning.”
“Oh?” she inquired curiously moving up beside him. Her light blue eyes gazed upon the scene being shown to her in the water. “And what might you be planning, brother?”
The man cringed at the sound of that word. Every day he had to hear that word from fellow angels and it sickened him to his core. These people were not his siblings. How could they be when they had all been created this way? They had not been born from the same womb. They hadn’t grown up together. They were made as adults and would forever be adults. Why they all insisted on calling each other brother and sister was forever beyond his grasp considering they all fucked each other. Something that he was sure normal siblings did not do with one another.
“Do not call me that,” he growled. She waved away his irate attitude, her gaze never leaving the water.
“Don’t get your panties in a twist. I was merely kidding,” she sighed. Her light blue eyes turned back to him. “So, what are you planning? Or are you going to sit pouting a while longer before telling me?”
He merely stared down at the beautiful angel that watched him through large, pleading eyes. She batted her eyelashes pressing her body close to his. He could feel every curve of her warm, voluptuous body against his hard, muscled body. She traced a finger across his jawline and over his bottom lip all the while gazing into his own pair of light blue eyes.
She stretched up onto the tips of her toes and brushed her lips over his jawline as she made her way to his ear.
“You know I hate it when you make me wait for things,” she playfully groaned in his ear; her hot breath washed over the side of his face as she slowly moved her lips back along his jaw.
“Tell me your plans,” she softly whined. Her teeth gently bit down on his bottom lip and tugged it away from his teeth before releasing it. She deliberately began grinding her pelvis in circles against his while she made a hot trail of kisses down his neck.
He grasped her face firmly under the jaw and pulled her lips away from his neck. Her hips stopped moving against his as she smiled up at him under her thick, black lashes.
“How do you expect me to tell you my plans while you are dry humping me?” he inquired in an annoyed voice that was laced with amusement.
He gently pushed her away from him as his eyes fell back to the Eye of the Earth.
“Her power is stronger than any of us first assumed,” he informed the female angel.
“Obviously if she was able to defeat one of Lucifer’s finest demons on her own,” she snorted folding her arms across her chest. A small grin lifted a corner of his mouth. She would always pout after getting rejected by him. It was mostly because no one except him ever turned her down when she put on her sex kitten face.
“If we were able to extract that power and harness it for ourselves…” his gaze slid up to meet hers. “We’d be unstoppable.”
Her light blue eyes lit up with excitement. “We’d be all powerful.”
“We could wipe out all of humanity.”
“We could recreate the world in OUR image,” she pressed on eagerly.
A large smile split his face as a final thought came to his dark, demented mind.
“We could be the new God.”
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First Book: Shadow Kiss
Second Book: The Freeing Blood