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Silence Can Seem So Loud

She hated life.

Not just to be dramatic but she honestly hated life.

Having to go home to a father who didn't want her and constantly blamed her for the death of his wife, her mother. Dealing with an abusive boyfriend who she just couldn't get rid of in fear of what he would do. Lying to her best friend about all of the cuts, bruises, and marks that littered her skin.

Eleana hated life.

He loves her.

As in an all out, do anything for her, wanted to be with all the time to see her smile. Love.

He knew everything about her. How winter was her favorite season because that meant sitting by a fireplace to study or how she could snuggle up in his University of Michigan sweaters. How thunderstorms always had the ability to put her directly to sleep. He knew the smell of lilies and hazelnut cream candles made her stop in her tracks just to get a lung full of the sent.

Darren loves her.
  1. Broken Home
    Title Credit: Broken Home - Papa Roach
  2. Come With Me
    Title Credit: Rocketeer - Far Eastern Movement
  3. Always
    Title Credit: Always - Blink 182
  4. I'm Here To Stay
    Title Credit: After Midnight - Blink 182
  5. The Way I Feel
    Title Credit: Don't You - Darren Criss
  6. Everything Will Be Okay
    Title Credit: Better With You - Kris Allen
  7. I Just Don't Wanna Miss You Tonight
    Title Credit: Iris - the Goo Goo Dolls
  8. I Want You So Bad
    Title Credit: When I Get You Alone - Robin Thicke
  9. Put Your Hands All Over Me
    Title Credit: Hands All Over - Maroon 5
  10. You're Gonna Be the One Who Saves Me
    Wonderwall - Oasis