This Lie I Can't Pretend

The story of the

Ben pulled a key from his pocket and opened the door in front of us.
“What is going on? Please tell me.” I whined to him.
“You’ll learn eventually. I can’t say much. My, our master is watching, he always is.” He sighed, pulling back the covers on a large bed, and pulling a silk dress from the closet. Well, the skirt of the dress was silk, the top was a fine mesh with lace in the centre and spaghetti straps. My bra and all that were lying on the bed. I quickly pulled it all on,.
“What can you tell me?”
“Not much, other than, one; you are now the masters, Gerard’s, toy. Two; you are one of us, you are immortal, but he owns your soul. I’m just here to keep you safe.”
I let myself fall down on the bed behind me.
“I’m sorry, it sucks. He- he put me under his curse, and then once he turned me, I could feel everything. He used me like he will use you, like a toy.” He chocked on his words, he was crying.
“You deserve better than this. We can run away together” He sighed and sat on the bed.
“We cant, he has control of our souls, if we run away, he can find us, or kill us.”
I wiped away his tears, but I turned his head to mine and kissed him, my hand fell on his thigh.
I slipped my tongue between his lips. I pushed him back; I was almost lying on top of him. His hand was on my face and his other around my hip. My one hand was holding my up and my other was fumbling with the button to his tattered black jeans.
I screamed in pain as I was violently pulled off Ben by my hair and thrown to the floor.
“What the hell do you think your doing? Get to your fucking room; I’ll deal with you after.” Gerard was screaming at Ben, and threw him at the door.
“As for you…” He walked closer; I crawled back until I was stuck against the wall.
He Grabbed my arm and threw me on the bed.
“You’ll get exactly what it is you were trying to get my little whore.”