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A Necessary Evil

The first month no one messed with me. They looked at me like a little kid who was at the right place in the wrong time. But after awhile they got tired of that small little kid. They started to push me around. Then one day it got bad, they started to hit. They backed me into a corner. I really thought I was going to die there.

Emlyn was seven years of age when she was put into the pit.

After spending fifteen years there she decides to make her escape.

Action, drama, comedy, romance, adventure, tragedy and crime.

Read Before Starting! This story contains spoilers of Dark Knight Rises. If you have not seen the movie then read at your own risk.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Batman or any of the characters in it. I'm simply a fan who loves to write. I do own Emlyn and any other characters that come from my brain.