Outta This World


I was sat nervously in a small white room waiting to be called into the room through the doors in front of me; I looked down at my clothes and felt even more nervous. This wasn’t me, these clothes were not my style but if this is what they wanted me to wear well then I guess I had no choice but to wear them.

I was wearing blue straight leg jeans, a red top that had half-length sleeves and was longer than a normal top but came in at the waist before going out again, my shoes where flat boots that were a brown suede colour. In my opinion the jeans should be skinny, this top should be a checked shirt and the shoes should preferably be converse but I didn’t get to choose.

A guy walked in who looked older than me, I turned my attention to him in an attempt to forget everything. I studied his dark hair with flashes of blonde either side underneath his hat, his tee with writing on that I couldn’t make out because of his blue hoody that was covering it. He had white jeans on that weren’t tight but weren’t baggy and Nikes on.

I saw him look at a bright green watch before looking at me and I looked away quickly “Hey has anyone come out yet?” he asked and I looked around again to see him smiling, he was okay with me staring I thought as I shook my head “No but I wish they would” I said quietly and he smiled walking over to sit near me.

“I never know what to think if someone’s a long time in front of you, does that mean they were really bad and they kept going wrong or that they were really good and they just want to keep watching them?” I asked more myself than him and he laughed. “I wouldn’t know but I wouldn’t worry” he said and I nodded.

“Just want to get out these clothes” I admitted and he laughed “They make everyone wear them?” he asked and I nodded “Yes stupid things, I feel worse just because I’m wearing them” I said and he smiled. “If she doesn’t hurry up I’m going in there and dragging her out” I said and he laughed “Yeah I might let you in a minute, we’ve got to be somewhere in 10 minutes” he stated.

I noticed his accent wasn’t from around here and then I realised what he’d said “You know her?” I asked and he nodded “My girlfriend” he replied, “Oh right sorry” I said and he laughed. “Don’t be your nervous and well I’d be the same if it was me, you’ve done well though to get this far haven’t you?” he asked and I shrugged.

“Yeah I guess so last 2 isn’t half bad considering I’ve never really done this whole thing before” I stated and he nodded “Never sung before?” he asked and I shook my head “No I sing but its the acting thing. I mean I’ve never auditioned for anything like this before. In fact this is my first audition,” I admitted and he laughed.

“Well if this is your first audition and you get into the final 2 then your good, she’s been doing it for years and she’s never got anything this big before” he explained pointing to the door and I took it he meant his girlfriend. The door opened and a girl dressed the same as me walked out smiling.

She was a bit smaller than me and her hair was obviously naturally the chocolate brown required where as mine had been dyed to this colour “Hey your done?” he asked standing up and she nodded “I’m done, I think it went well but then I always think that” she explained and I became extremely nervous.

“Jessica Jackson” someone said and I stood up “Good Luck” the guy I’d been sat with said and I smiled as I walked through the door to see 3 people sat at a table and a guy stood in the corner, he was obviously here for the dancing part of the audition but there was some else missing.

I heard another door open an in he walked, he smiled at me and I relaxed. Parts of this audition were going to be easy, we knew each other well and had great chemistry; we knew each other’s voices well so singing would be difficult, it was the dancing and acting that would cause problems.

They started to talk to me and I took a deep breath ready to begin.