Outta This World


I'd spent a couple nights having dinner with them and as I left another voicemail for Joe I sighed throwing my phone down. It rang and I grabbed it excited "Hello" I smiled only for my face to drop when I heard the voice on the end "Hey Nick, what's up?" "Oh don't sound too happy to talk to me! I was wondering if you were busy? I wanted to talk to you about something, like face talking not phone talking" he quizzed and I looked at the TV before rolling my eyes.

"Fine, where do you want me to meet you?" "I'm home alone if you want to come around here?" he suggested and I looked outside "Yeah okay! Nobody's in here though so I might be a bit" "Do you want me to drive over?" he offered. "Nope! I'll bike over, I could do with the exercise so see you in a bit if this is okay?" I replied and he laughed "Sure thing Jess, see you in a bit" he said hanging up and I grabbed my keys grabbing a bike from the garage locking the house before setting off.

I arrived at the gates keying the code in before biking through the gates and towards the house, I knocked on the door and Nick opened it. "Jess I kept ringing you! I would've picked you up it's heavy rain now!" he laughed at me as the rain bounced up from the ground. "I don't melt, I mean we are waterproof right? I've not shrunk have I?" I joked and he laughed nodding "Shut up you! I'm surprised you can go out in the rain! Them jeans get any tighter you'll start cutting blood circulation off!" I teased and his eyes widened.

I grinned and he shook his head "You say so many inappropriate things!" he laughed "What's worse is that I only say this sort of thing to you" I admitted as I walked past him. He nodded as I leant against the wall waiting for him, I did only say inappropriate things to Nick. "So any reason why you say so many naughty things when I'm around?" "Nicholas don't say naughty, we're not sexually involved" I answered him.

"Once again!" he snapped and I grinned "I don't know Kevin and I are cool but not like that, Joe well sometimes he can't take a joke but you can, you're amused by it. Deep down you're giggling Nick" I smiled and he nodded sitting on the couch. "So how's life with the second family?" I nodded "How's Joe?" "Honestly? Not seen him in awhile, he's busy, so could we have a chat?" he stated and I nodded.

"So I know you were planning on starting a band with your friends and nothing's really happened with that right?" I shook my head playing with his guitar that was leant against the table. "So I was thinking, I want to try something new and you and I get along so why don't we try something out?" he suggested and I looked at him. "What are you saying?" "I'm saying I want to do more than just be in a band with my brothers! I mean I love them but I want to try out other things, there's other music out there and it's stuff the others aren't wanting to do so I was wondering if you'd be interested?" he explained.

"So your brothers aren't interested so you came to me?" I grumbled and he laughed "No! I love your voice, you can play music and your song are great. You have an interest in music that's a bit different to stuff I listen to, we could maybe just give it a try? I mean we could sound good together" he reasoned. "Nick are you sure you're not just lonely and bored?" "Nope! I really want to do this, just thought you might be interested in joining me?" he replied.

I looked at him and he just stared back at me, "Why?" "I can say it all over again if you want but we both know you heard it the first time around" he laughed and I nodded. "Somebody is in a spaced out mood today, must be all the pot they smoke int hat household" he teased and I burst out laughing looking at him "And you say I'm inappropriate! You're just as bad as me sometimes!" I laughed and he grinned at me.

"Okay so you really want me to make music with you or something then?" he nodded "I think our voices will go together very well" he reasoned and I looked at him "Joe always says I don't really suit any of you's" "It's 'you' and that's Joe, he doesn't hear the same way I do, I think we can sing together perfectly fine. Now I'm not talking selling millions here, I'm talking about a mere experiment" he offered and I sighed "Not like I have millions of people falling over themselves to give me work is it? Might distract me for awhile, go on then" I answered him and he laughed.