Outta This World


I biked down the familiar road in the sun as I heard my phone pulling it quickly from my pocket, "Hey Joe!" I basically shouted and I heard him laugh "Quick check in, I'm doing fine and the rehearsals are going great. Demi has just come out of her schooling so I've got 10 minutes whilst she has a quick break" he said and I smiled, we spoke and I hung the phone up feeling awful. So 'we' spoke for 10 minutes, more like Joe spoke at me for 10 minutes and I listened, but then that was typical of our conversations these days!

"It's me!" I yelled as I walked in and I heard Nick shout my name as I walked towards the voice. He was sat on his bed his legs crossed as he typed away on his laptop "Are you on internet chat rooms again?" I joked and he laughed nodding, "So to what do I owe the pleasure?" "Oh I was bored at home and I thought Nick Jonas needs my company right now, but I realise now I did not think about the fact you could have a social life other than me. I can go if you want?" I offered and he laughed closing the laptop.

"My social life isn't existent, hasn't been for a awful long time!" he joked and I smiled at him, "Why?" "Just isn't, it's complicated" he reasoned and I nodded sitting at his side. "Why?" "Because I've been ridiculous at times. I think that this can't change me but it doesn't always matter what I think, sometimes no matter how normal I am others aren't going to be! Sometimes I wonder if you're really as normal as you are or if you're a big time spy" he said and I looked at him.

"Well it doesn't phase you that we're who we are, are you really that cool about it or are you acting cool to tell our dirty secrets to the media?" "Yeah because I can see the headlines now 'Nick Jonas missed church due to dog needing taking to vet' 'Kevin Jonas wears odd socks' Seriously Nick you guys have no 'dirty' secrets!" I laughed and he grinned at me.

"I grew up with my parents spread out, my big brother has been a parent to me and my god parents mean a lot to me. Nick incase you never noticed Billie Joe 'Freaking' Armstrong is my godfather, he has dirty secrets!" I explained and he smiled at me nodding.

"I know dirty secrets about you too!" "Know you really don't" I said and he grinned at me shaking his head "Nope I don't, anyway you never came over here to talk about this pointless stuff!" he smiled and I nodded. "I was just really bored, had nothing else to do so you know" I admitted and he nodded, "We can watch the TV, films or we could even play music?" he suggested and I nodded.

"So music it is?" "Yeah, I guess so! I know this new song I found. We should try it out, I like the sound of it" he reasoned as he picked up his guitar and I nodded looking at him.