Outta This World


3 hours later and I was back at the place I currently called home, I looked around my room as I walked out the shower to see my laundry folded neatly on my bed and I smiled to myself. I put it away before opening the closet to get some fresh clothes out and smiled when I saw my suitcase had been put in the top of the closet.

This wasn’t my actual house; I was in fact a guest here. My mom and dad were currently away working, my mom was a lecturer in public relations and she was currently working in D.C for a little while leaving me at home with dad, but dad had to go to work as well and he was a tour manager meaning he was on tour currently leaving me home alone.

Normally my brother would be at home but he’d just gone to college meaning I was meant to stay with my godparents but as luck would have it they too were away leaving me with no option but to stay alone. My parents weren’t keen on the idea and so my boyfriend’s family offered to have me at their house until somebody came home and so here I was.

There was a knock at the door as I pulled my clothes on and I made them wait “Come in” I shouted and the door opened to reveal the dark curly haired boy that was Nick, “Hey how did it go?” he asked sitting on the bed and I nodded “Good I think, I’m not sure I like it though” I admitted and he laughed.

“So you still want it?” he asked and I shrugged “If I get it I’ll be happy but I won’t cry if I don’t” I admitted and he smiled. Nick was 2 years younger than me but a hell of a lot wiser, whatever they said about boys not maturing as quick as girls was very wrong in his case. He had the typical ‘old head on young shoulders’ thing going on and we got on very well.

He was taller than me, slim and had dark curly hair, at first we didn’t get on so well but after a few times of meeting we got on fine and he was one of my friends now along with the others in the household, I saw a guy the same size as Nick walk past and he stopped turning to walk in the door too.
This boy was older than me by almost 2 years and he looked very much like his brother except for his hair today was straight “Hey Jess how did it go?” Kevin asked and I nodded “Good, I thought he’d give you a lift home” he said referring to my boyfriend. “He offered but I felt like a walk” I admitted and he smiled nodding.

“Why are you here anyway?” I asked and he laughed “Came to see you, we’re having a family meal night. Mom’s cooking,” he said and I smiled, his mom was a great cook and that was one of the bonuses of living here. “Do you guys know when they’ll decide by?” I asked and they both nodded “A week today is the deadline but they’ll probably make their decision before then” Kevin replied and I nodded.

“Anyway we’ll leave you alone,” Nick said standing up and they both left shutting the door behind them. Normally if you got on with one member of the family you got on with them all and I indeed fitted into that, they were a great family and they were very welcoming to anyone that the others made friends with.