Outta This World


3 days later and I was walking to meet a friend, I’d known Des about 6 years now and we met through a mutual friend. He was 17 making him 3 years younger than me but we got on really well, he was well over 6 foot making me look younger than him and he wore skinny jeans and old band tees practically everyday, he was also one of the best bassists I knew of his age.

“Hey you” he said as I reached him and I smiled “You escaped?” he asked and I laughed, “You know it’s not that bad living there, I like it” I admitted as we sat down on the grass in the park, “Yeah but its not home, I mean your totally different. I still don’t get what you see in him,” he said and I smiled.

None of my friends knew why exactly I was with Joe, they liked him but they just couldn’t be friends because they were so vastly different but I appreciated the efforts they made. “I just always thought you’d end up with a punk guy” he stated, “Joe’s punk” I joked and he laughed.

“Anyway less of this, fancy going to mine to make music?” he asked and I nodded and we got up and headed to his house. He lived on the outskirts of LA near where I called home unlike The Jonas’, who lived very much in the middle. We walked to his car and he drove us back to his house and we drove past my own house and my godparents house before finally reaching his own.

“Do you know when they’re home?” he asked pointing down the street and I shrugged “Not spoken to them yet, well not properly I think they said they were home next week why?” I asked and he smiled “Your moving in with them when they’re back right?” he asked and I nodded. By them he meant my godparents and while I loved living with Joe and his family I was excited to be moving back in with my godparents, they were practically family to me and whenever my parents were away I stayed with them.

Des was sat playing bass when he pointed to the guitar in the corner and I picked it up and started playing, my parents loved music but had never mastered playing it, I had been given lessons in piano when I was younger but I never really liked it, I would get my fingers mixed up and make a mess of it.

When I was 10 I saw someone my dad was working with sat playing guitar and I was mesmerized by the way it sounded and how the persons fingers moved so smoothly over the strings and I begged for a guitar only to be told no, that was until my godfather bought me one and offered to teach me and since then I’d loved it.

“Jess” Des said and I looked over at him knowing he had something on his mind “You know this whole show thing your doing? Well does it mean you can’t do anything else?” he asked and I shook my head. “As long as if I get it I can do the rehearsals and filming then it makes no difference although I’d imagine there’s rules” I said and he nodded.

“Well I was thinking the other day, I know this might be really far out but maybe you guys want to start a band?” he asked and I looked at him chewing at my lip, sure music was something I loved but I wasn’t sure on whether I wanted to be defined by it. I wasn’t sure I wanted it as a career “A serious band or a mess around band?” I asked and he shrugged.

“Serious I guess, I mean we have all the components for a band but you’d be good. You can sing for us” he said and I shook my head straight away “No singing” I said and he looked shocked. “You know I don’t like singing all that much” “Yeah but your good at it, I mean you don’t get the chance you have right now without having a good voice” he argued back and I shook my head.

“No singing” I repeated “Not even back up?” he asked and I thought about it “I could do back up but no lead” I compromised, “If I say you can play lead guitar and backing vocals with the occasional extra singing would you agree?” he asked and I looked at my feet whilst thinking it over and I nodded “Deal” I stated and he beamed.

Des and I went back down to the park to meet some another friend who I’d met through growing up in this area Brite and his girlfriend Fran, Brite was a year younger than me and Fran was the same age as me. We got on well and Fran was one of my only girl friends seeing as normally I didn’t get on with them well.

It wasn’t something I meant to happen or even noticed I did but in a group I gravitated towards guys and I guess it was because I had a brother and had always been comfortable in his presence, that and well girls liked to bitch and that wasn’t me. Fran was great but she had a tendency to say things that annoyed me sometimes because she didn’t always think before she spoke.