Outta This World


“That person is acting really strange,” Brite said and we all looked over at a person wearing a hoody with the hood pulled up and sunglasses along with a scarf, every time someone walked past they looked in the opposite direction or made out they were doing something.

I recognised the awkwardness and no matter how much they tried to hide it I recognised the body as well and I smiled as the person surveyed the park seeing we were the only ones remaining in it before walking over. “That person happens to be Joe,” I said quietly and they nodded.

We didn’t very often go anywhere together as a couple because well it made it awkward him being who he was and on occasions he came anywhere like this he hid himself pretty well so nobody would know it was him. “I still don’t get it” Fran whispered and I looked at her.

“Well you have nothing obvious in common, I guess he is kind of rich,” she said and I rolled my eyes, once again she’d opened her mouth without thinking. “I’m not saying you’re a gold digger but really I don’t get it,” she added. “Sounded like that was what you were saying, Fran I don’t want to brag but well me and my family hardly need money do we? I mean were pretty well off so it’s not his money I’m after. I like him but you guys just don’t see it,” I said and they all shrugged as Joe sat down smiling.

We’d been sat talking and Joe slipped his arm round my shoulders when we realised the park had gotten busier seeing as it was end of school, a group of girls walked past and I barely noticed them until I felt Joe tense and I looked at him confused and then I heard it.

“Check that guy in the sunglasses out, I bet he’s hot under all that although he looks really familiar though” one of them said and Joe leant towards me “We have to go” he whispered and I nodded watching him look for the quickest and safest way out of here.

“I’m going home” I said and the others nodded understanding the issue and we all waved before Joe and I stood up together and he nodded in the direction he wanted to go, “I know he looks like that guy, I can’t remember his name. He’s a model or something,” the same girl said and I noticed Joe walk quicker but the girls were following us.

“What’s his name? Adam, no it begins with a H I think” she said searching for the name and then she gasped “He’s one of them guys my little sister loves, you know that band. What are they called?” she asked her friends.

“Miley Cyrus?” the girl replied and she laughed, “Yeah because she’s a guy, no them 3 guys, what are they called?” she asked again. “Oh you mean the Jonas Brothers?” another replied, “Yeah that’s them, he looks dead like one of them but I cant remember their names” the girl admitted and I saw Joes car.

“Excuse me!” she shouted and Joe froze “Hey yeah this might sound really random but you look like someone famous” she said as she walked in front us and Joe avoided looking at her. I grabbed the keys from his hand “Yeah you look like a Jonas Brother, your not are you?” she asked.

“See I told you! I have told him so many times when he dresses like that he looks like one of them but I can never remember their names, they all look the frikkin same to me” I said as I walked round to the drivers side “Anyway no sorry to disappoint he’s not he’s just my boring brother who’s in massive trouble when he gets home for forgetting my birthday” I said and the girls smiled.

“Oh sorry” they said as I got in the car and Joe got in the passengers side. I drove off and he laughed, “You lie quickly,” he stated and I laughed, “Well somebody had to” I replied and he laughed back. “We all look the same do we?” he asked and I smiled “Well you do sort of look similar but I know which ones which” I replied and he laughed.

“I only made the mistake a few times honest” I said joking and I saw him look at me worried out the corner of my eyes “Yeah about that, I only kissed Nick a few times before I realised” I said and his eyes widened “I’m joking, your so gullible” I said and he smiled relieved.

“I was scared you were being serious then,” he said and I laughed shaking my head “No I was joking” I said and he nodded laughing.