Outta This World


We were sat at the Jonas’ the next day when I got a call from Harry saying he was coming to LA for the day to see me, 20 minutes alter and he was there, my brother wasn’t exactly the Jonas’ sort of person. He drank, cursed on a regular basis, smoked, was atheist and well he was a ladies man but he was polite whenever he met them and after staying for a coffee we left.

“So when’s my baby sister going to be famous?” he asked and I smiled “Never if I have a say in it” I replied and he laughed “You have the talent but you just don’t want it do you?” he asked and I shook my head.

“I like being normal, you can have the fame if like” I joked and he smiled “I’m trying believe me but so far I’m only famous for getting wasted and partying on campus” he admitted and I smiled. We went home to check up on the place before going to the mall and finally heading back to the Jonas’, I was in his car when my phone rang and I answered.

“Hi Jess its Steve from casting,” he said and I felt sick “we reviewed auditions and everything else and we’ve made our decision. Your acting was great along your singing an dancing and it was great to see how well Joe and you got on which would be great on screen but we had an issue with your voice,” he explained.

“Not good enough?” I asked, “Oh no your voice is great but its not what we’re looking for, the other girls voice was very pop sounding. A rocky Hannah Montana maybe but yours is very rock music, you’ve got a raw voice and we just don’t think it’ll sound right with the songs” he explained and I sighed relieved.

“We’re so sorry but we’ve given the other girl the role but we do want to use you as backing vocals on some of the tracks” he offered and I smiled “That’s okay and sure I can do that, well thanks for letting me know, bye” I said hanging up.

“You’re going to have to wait for fame because I didn’t get the part,” I stated and he looked sad and I explained what he’d said to him. I got back to the Jonas’ and explained to them and they were far more upset than me, I was kind of relieved that I wasn’t going to be in the show.

I was more sad that my brother was leaving again and Joe laughed at me for nearly crying as he drove off back to college, the only downside to not getting the part was this meant less time with Joe and I had to watch the other girl play Sara.

They started rehearsals almost straight away and I had to go in occasionally to do vocal training and I heard the other girl singing and I knew what Steve had said was true; she had a voice that suited these songs. I walked into the studio block they were using to see people stood around practising along with others in schooling circles when I saw the guy that’d been waiting at my auditions, I walked over and sat next to him.

“Hey” I smiled and he smiled looking confused “Do I look that different?” I asked and he looked at me then smiled, “You’re the girl from the audition, Jessica?” I nodded. “Jess and yeah” I replied.

“You do look different, now I see why you looked like you felt awkward dressed in them clothes. I’m Jonathan and sorry you didn’t get the part,” he offered and I smiled “It’s okay” I replied. I saw Joe with the girl I recognised as Jonathan’s girl “Nice to see she’s made friends already, although I’m not looking forward to the kissing scene between them too especially if he enjoys it too much” Jonathan stated.

“I’d hope he doesn’t seeing as he’s my boyfriend,” I said and Jonathan smiled “Really?” I nodded “Whoa I‘d never put you 2 together, he’s a bit of a goody 2 shoes isn’t he?” he asked, “Are you saying I’m not?” I asked and he laughed.

“Well you look a bit more…rebellious than him” he said and I smiled “Never judge a book Jonathan” I said and he nodded, “It’s nice to know they miss us” I said as they both walked off without noticing us and he nodded, “She’s got school I think” Jonathan said and I looked at him shocked.

“She’s that young?” I asked and he nodded “Nearly 18” he said and we spent the rest of the day talking, “Jess I come bearing gifts. Well if you class your own suitcase as a gift” Nick laughed and I smiled at him taking it “Thank you” “Joe had to go but I said I’d bring you this, how are you getting home do you want a ride or something?” he questioned. “No I’m getting picked up I think. Nick this is Jonathan, Demi’s boyfriend” I introduced and Nick shook his hand smiling “Sorry Demi just texted she’s going home so I best go. Nice meeting you and I’ll see you around” Jonathan stated before leaving.