Outta This World


I sat talking with Nick when a dark blue mini pull in and I smiled recognising the driver just from the driving, they pulled up and I stood up “This is my lift, I’ll see you soon I guess. Be weird not living with you guys anymore” I said and he nodded standing up. “I know what you mean, I’m sure I’ll see you soon, hi!” Nick shouted the last bit waving to the driver as he put my suitcase in the back of the car and I thanked him hugging him before he got in his own car.

“Which one’s that again?” “Nick, come on you know that’s Nick you idiot!” I laughed and he grinned as he pulled off “Thanks for picking me up Billie, I could’ve stayed at home you know” I stated and he nodded “I know but we all know your parents wouldn’t allow that to happen. Plus we love you staying with us, the boys like having someone else to annoy other than their old man” he joked and I smiled.

“So how’ve you been?” he asked and I told him and he nodded, my father, met my godfather years ago on a job and he’d worked some early shows with them but he made a strong friendship with one particular member and when I was born he chose him to be my godfather. His family were my family and I loved them, but when I stayed with them I didn’t often see my actual godfather it was his wife I stayed with.

My godfather was the reason I’d met the Jonas’ because he’d taken me to the awards show where we’d met and he was the reason I wasn’t ‘freaked out’ by famous people because he himself was well known, Billie Joe Armstrong had done all right for himself in the music world.

“So your brother rang me the other day, he was wasted. I wish he wouldn’t do that sometimes you know” he said as we pulled in their drive and I looked out the window at the big white house with it’s trees in the garden. “I’m sorry, I’ll delete your number the next time I get near his phone, he rang me as well if that counts for anything,” I laughed as I got out.

“Jess!” a voice shouted as I got out and I felt arms around my waist “Hey Joey” I said recognising the voice of the person attached to me from behind. “How are you?” he said and I smiled “I’m good you?” I asked and he nodded, “Whoa you look different,” I stated as I turned to see him.

“Why?” he asked looking at himself and I smiled “You look older, where’s the other one?” I asked and Billie laughed “He’s doing his schoolwork and that’s where you should be my boy now get going” Billie ordered and Joey rolled his eyes walking off. “Jess!” Adie shouted and I ran over jumping on her and she laughed hugging me “I’ve missed you” I said and she smiled “I’ve missed you too,” she said as I let her go.

“Thanks where was my big welcome home? All I got was comments on which brother it was,” Billie grumbled and I smiled before hugging him “I’ve missed you too daddy Armstrong” I said and he laughed “Good because I’ve missed you too miss, even if you are a cheeky little one sometimes” he said messing my hair up.

I let him go and followed them into the house and I went to see Jake before watching Adie make dinner and we all ate together before I went to ring my parents. I tried to ring them a few times but they never answered and then I rang Harry but he wasn’t answering either. Joe texted me to say he was busy with his family so he’d talk to me tomorrow and I sighed before walking back down to see them all sat in the lounge.