Outta This World


Adie was helping Joey with his homework and Billie was playing with Jake and I watched them smiling when from nowhere I felt sad. Adie came out and I turned away from her “Jess are you coming in?” she asked and I nodded “In a minute” I said and she hugged me “Alright” she said and let go leaving me.

I heard someone nearby and then they laughed before hugging me “Come here you idiot” he said and I turned around wrapping my arms around him “What’s the matter?” he asked and I cried harder “Come on” he said walking into the study with me and shutting the door.

“Jess what’s up?” he asked and I rubbed my eyes looking at him “Nobody cares anymore do they?” I asked and he smiled “Why?” he asked and I sat down “Joe just left me earlier without saying bye, Harry isn’t answering me and neither are mom and dad. It sucks, you guys are always together and when you’re away they come visit all the time and you talk to them everyday” I complained and he smiled.

“They’re busy, Harry’s got friends and he’s grown up, his little sister calling him sort of ruins his image sometimes doesn’t it? Your parents are busy Jess you know that and Joe’s got this show to be work on. What about us?” he asked and I shrugged “Are we not good enough anymore young lady?” he asked and I smiled.

3 days later and I hadn’t seen Joe or really spoken to him, I was sat watching TV with Joey when Billie walked in talking away on the phone “Yeah she’s only been back a couple minutes, here you go” he said holding the phone out at me and I looked at him “It’s a phone Jess we talk in to them and someone on the other end replies, technology is crazy kid” he teased and I glared at him taking the phone.

“Hello?” I said confused as to who was ringing me on their landline “Hey it’s Nick” I heard a voice reply, “Oh hey Nick, how are you?” “I’m great thanks, I texted you but I’m unsure on whether you’re actually ignoring me on purpose now or not but either way Kevin and Danielle are cooking dinner tonight. Well I’d imagine Danielle is cooking because I’ve tasted Kevin’s cooking and well he’s no mom” he joked laughing and I smiled “Well anyway, they’re cooking and I’m heading over there because mom and dad have gone away with Frankie to visit family. I was wondering if you wanted to come with me, Joe’s working late so I thought you might want to come with us?” he asked.

“Erm I’m not ignoring you for one and are you sure they want me there?” I replied and he laughed “Yes, they said invite you! I can pick you up if you want I’m heading over for about 6ish, come on Jess” he begged and I smiled “Yeah okay” “You want me to come pick you up?” he asked “No it’s okay I’ll meet you there. I’ll see you alter I guess, bye” I said hanging up and handing the phone back.

“Sorry I forgot, he’s rang like 3 times today asking for you but you guys were out. Is everything okay?” Billie asked “Yeah, he asked me to go for dinner with him to his brothers house so I’m going to go out with them but I won’t be late back” I reassured. “You’re 20 as long as you come home quietly and before 1 am I really don’t mind,” he reasoned and I smiled, “What time are you going?” “I’ll leave for like half 6 I guess” I replied “I’ll drop you off because I’ve got to go pick Jake up from his friends house anyway at that time” he offered and I thanked him.

We got to the gates to Kevin’s street and he looked at me “Come on wiz kid show me your best” Billie laughed and I told him the code “You know it amazes me and scares me that you do things like this” he joked putting it in and the gates opened. I had a rare talent for picking up codes just from seeing people’s hand movements and remembering them, Nick often challenged me to remember things like that because he found it fascinating that I remembered them all.

Billie dropped me off and I walked to the door “Hey Jess!” Kevin smiled hugging me and I smiled at him “I told you she’d get in!” I heard Nick shot and I laughed
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