Diaries of a teenage Vampire

Chapter 4

It had been almost a week since the brake in and I had finally started to convince my self that it was nothing. I mean we couldn’t really call the cops unless we were really sheer that there was something going on, because ether way they’d catch me and I’d rather they not.

The day continued as normal, (or at least I thought it would.)
We jumped in to the car and Silvia turned the key.

“Why won’t this thing start!?” she said. “I had it tuned up just last weekend!”
And as she said it I got the sneaky suspicion that this wasn’t an accident.

“I guess we’ll just half to walk.” I said disappointed.

“Oh God I hate this.” Silvia grumbled.

“Hey it’s not so bad, I mean it cold be…..fun.”

“You’re kidding right?”

I looked outside at the poring ran. “Ya, I guess I am.”

“Well better start walking or we’re going to be late.”

“Not like anyone would notice if we where though.” I said more to myself.

We got to school right when the bell rang. We ran to class as fast as we could.

“Well not late but close call right?” Silvia said trying to sound happy about it.

“Ya, right, grate.” I said as I slumped down in my chare.

I sat though what seemed like a extra long day of school. I did my best to tune out as much of it as possible. Until English came along.

“Class we have a new student with us today.” my ears perked right up. “This is Alexander Crane.” the teacher said as a tall long hared boy stepped forward.

“Hi.” he said in a deep quiet voice.

“Alexander why don’t you go take a seat next to Miranda.” That’s one thing I liked about English, it had the only teacher that remembered my name.

What a minute. What did she say? He’s going to sit next to me?

Please don’t blush! Please don’t blush! I thought to myself.

“Hi.” he said as he sat down.

“Hi.” I squeaked out.

“Is something wrong with your voice?” he asked.

“No.” I squeaked again.

He gave me a weird look. “Are you sheer?”

I nodded I didn’t want to get printed in his head as the chipmunk girl. He gave me another weird look and went back to watching the teacher write on the black board.
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Sorry it's kind short! And sorry it's been soooo long!
I'll try to write more soon.